BBL® Biochemical Reagents & Stains

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Biochemical Reagents
Reagent Enzyme Tested Positive Reaction BBL No. Sale Unit Price USD
Indole Tryptophanase Red 261185 Pack of 50 $59.99
Ferric Chloride Phenylalanine Deaminase Green 261190 Pack of 50 $62.33
Oxidase Indophenol Oxidase Deep Purple 261181 Pack of 50 $60.61
Voges-Proskauer A Acetyl Methyl Red 261192 Pack of 50 $59.99
Voges-Proskauer B Carbinol Red 261193 Pack of 50 $59.99
Stains & Clarifiers
Stain/Clarifier Application B-D No. Sale Unit Price USD
Lactophenol Cotton Blue Wet mounts used in fungal examinations 261188 Pack of 50 $60.00
Dobell and O'Connor's Iodine Solution Staining parasitic cysts and eggs in feces samples 261189 Pack of 50 $60.00

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