Harleco Mounting Media

Harleco Krystalon and Harleco Mounting Media

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Notice: Many of these stains are UN listed shipping hazards and will carry surcharges imposed by all carriers!

Description Size EM Science No. Sale Unit Price USD
Albumin Fixative, Mayer 16 oz. 756-71 Each $121.86
Aquatex Mounting Media 50 ml 65036-62 Each $95.00
Clarifier 1 gal. 65355-85 Each $85.19
Gelatin Fixative, Haupt 16 oz. 785-71 Each $72.13
Entellan Mounting Media 500 ml 65037-71 Each $109.52
Krystalon ® 2 oz. 64969-95 Each $40.00
Krystalon ® 6 x 2 oz. 64969-95 Each $158.71
Krystalon ® 16 oz. 64969-71 Each $150.14
Tissue Bond Adhesive 16 oz. 64728-71 Each $99.69
Zenken Fixative Fluid 1 gal. 7835-85 Each $194.78


Acid Fast Bacillus Stain Set (HARLECO-64968X-93)

Acid Fuchsin (HARLECO-218-12)

Albumin Fixative, Mayer (HARLECO-756-71)

Alcian Blue (HARLECO-109-09)

Alizarin Red (HARLECO-116-12)

Alizarin Yellow (HARLECO-AX0505-20)

Aniline Blue (HARLECO-128-12)

Aquatex Mounting Media (HARLECO-65036-62)

Auromine O (HARLECO-130-12)

Azure B (HARLECO-137-12)

Basic Fuchsin (HARLECO-220-12)

Biebrich Scarlette (HARLECO-148-12)

Bismarck Brown (HARLECO-150-12)

Blueing Reagent (HARLECO-65354-85)

Bouin Fixation Fluid (HARLECO-7831-85)

Brilliant Cresyl Blue (HARLECO-163-12)

Brilliant Green (HARLECO-162-12)

Bromocresol Green (HARLECO-BX1160-3)

Carmine Alum Lake (HARLECO-168-12)

Chromotrope 2R (HARLECO-179-12)

Congo Red (HARLECO-186/12)

Cresyl Violet (HARLECO-190-12)

Crystal Violet (HARLECO-192/12)

Entellan (HARLECO-65037-71)

Entellan Mounting Media (HARLECO-65037-71)

Eosin B (HARLECO-198-12)

Eosin Y (HARLECO-200-12)

Eosin Y, Alcoholic, 1% PCD (HARLECO-588X-75)

Eosin Y, Alcoholic, Saturated (HARLECO-586X-75)

Fast Green (HARLECO-210-12)

Fuchsin Carbol, Mod. Kinyoun (HARLECO-7645X-71)

Fuchsin-Basic (HARLECO-6039X-75)

Fuchsin-Carbol, Kinyoun (HARLECO-6033X-75)

Fuchsin-Carbol, Ziehl-Neelsen (HARLECO-6051X-75)

Gelatin Fixative, Haupt (HARLECO-785-71)

Gentian Violet (HARLECO-227-12)

Gentian Violet, Aq. 1 % PDC (HARLECO-614-75)

Gentian Violet, Hucker (HARLECO-6169X-86)

Giemsa Mod. Azure Blend 6.5g-L (HARLECO-620-75)

Giemsa Original Azure Blend 7.4g-L (HARLECO-620G-75)

Giemsa Stain (HARLECO-GX0080-5)

Giemsa Stain, Azure B (HARLECO-619-71)

Gomori Trichrome (HARLECO-623-71)

Hemacolor Solution 1 (replacement) (HARLECO-65044A-85)

Hemacolor Solution 2 (replacement) (HARLECO-65044B-85)

Hemacolor Solution 3 (replacement) (HARLECO-65044C-85)

Hemacolor® Stain Set (HARLECO-65044-93)

Hematoxylin (HARLECO-234/12)

Hematoxylin, Harris Alum (Hg free) (HARLECO-638A-71)

Hematoxylin-Aqueous Alum (HARLECO-632-71)

Hematoxylin-Weigert No. 2 (HARLECO-7342-71)

Indigo Carmine (HARLECO-245-12)

Jenner (HARLECO-250-12)

Jenner Stain (HARLECO-642-75)

Krystalon (HARLECO-64969-95)

Leishman (HARLECO-252-12)

Light Green (HARLECO-254-12)

Malachite Green (HARLECO-258-12)

May-Grunwald (HARLECO-262-12)

May-Grunwald Stain (HARLECO-660-75)

Methyl Green (HARLECO-270-12)

Methyl Orange (HARLECO-272-12)

Methylene Blue (HARLECO-284-12)

Neutral Red (HARLECO-298-12)

Nigrosin (HARLECO-304-12)

Nuclear Fast Red (HARLECO-7602/8)

Oil Red O (HARLECO-3125-12)

Orange G (HARLECO-312-12)

Orcein (HARLECO-3202-12)

P.A.S. Reaction Set (Histochemical) (HARLECO-64945-93)

Papanicolaou Stain, EA-36 (HARLECO-7058X-75)

Papanicolaou Stain, EA-50 (HARLECO-7062X-75)

Papanicolaou Stain, EA-65 (HARLECO-7054X-75)

Papanicolaou Stain, OG-6 (HARLECO-7052X-75)

Rhodamine B (HARLECO-340-12)

Rosalic Acid (HARLECO-RX0175-1)

Rose Bengal (HARLECO-348-12)

Safranin Counterstain (HARLECO-726X-86)

Safranin O (HARLECO-350-12)

Schiff Reagent (HARLECO-2818-71)

Schiff Reagent H-MCM (HARLECO-6073-71)

Sudan Black B (HARLECO-3545-12)

Sudan III (HARLECO-352/12)

Sudan IV (HARLECO-355-12)

Sulfosalicylic Acid, 20% (HARLECO-1507-75)

Sulfosalicylic Acid, 3% (HARLECO-1506A-75)

Tetrachrome Blood Stain (HARLECO-7292-75)

Toluidine Blue O (HARLECO-364-12)

Trypan Blue (HARLECO-368-12)

Wright Stain (HARLECO-376-12)

Wright Stain Solution (HARLECO-740-75)

Wright-Giemsa Stain, A.P.H.A. (HARLECO-742-75)

Wright-Giemsa Stain, Fucillo (HARLECO-64571-75)