Merck LiChroCART ChiraDex and ChiraSpher Columns

Merck ChiraDex columns are versatile HPLC columns characterized by broad enantioselectivity that can be used for the separation of enantiomers of numerous different classes of substances. Merck ChiraDex column material is based on beta-cyclodextrin covalently linked to spherical particles of silica and is well suited for the chiral separation of hydrocarbons, steroids, phenol esters and derivatives, aromatic amines, and heterocycles with a five- or seven-membered ring. Merck ChiraSpher NT columns provide improved enantioselectivity, especially for pharmaceuticals. Merck ChiraSpher NT columns are versatile chiral HPLC columns of high chemical stability and broad enantioselectivity. Merck ChiraSpher NT column material is based on silica and gel particles, coated with the optically active polymer poly (n-acryloyl-S-phenylalanine ethyl ester). Merck ChiraSpher NT column material is characterized by improved enantioselectivity with very good selectivity for the separation of beta-blockers. These Merck ChiraSpher NT columns may be used with eluents of normal phase chromatography as well as reversed phase chromatography.

Particle Size: 5 m
Pore Size: 100

Merck ChiraDex

Description Dimensions, I.D. x L, mm Merck Item No. Unit Price USD
ChiraDex 4 x 250 1.51333.0001 Each $1,240.00
ChiraSpher NT 4 x 250 1.50103.0001 Each $1,192.32
Guard Columns
ChiraDex, Set of 10 4 x 4 1.50117.0001 Each $433.44
LiChrospher 100 DIOL 4 x 4 1.50960.0001 Pack of 10 $415.39
manu-CART End Fittings, Set of 2 1.51486.0001 Each $341.78

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