Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top Vacuum Filters

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SFCA (surfactant-free cellulose acetate) membrane filters are much cleaner than standard cellulose acetate and are designed for vacuum filtration with glass media bottles. Use the Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top Vacuum Filter 0.2m size for sterilization of aqueous solutions and culture media. Select the Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top Vacuum Filter 0.45m size for particle analysis, scintillation counting, prefiltration of aqueous solutions, and general cytology. Polystyrene bottle-top design features molded graduations and a support plate that minimizes foaming and eliminates the need for a separate filter pad. The Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top Vacuum Filter screws directly onto media bottles. Yellow collar Nalgene filter cup is labeled with lot number, catalog number, pore size, and expiration date. Certified radiation-sterilized, nonpyrogenic, and noncytotoxic. The quick-disconnect sidearm accepts 1/43/8" tubing.

Nalgene MF75 Bottle Top FIlters


Purchase Nalgene Bottle Top Filters from Voigt Global. We sell Nalgene Bottle Top Filters to the scientific communities worldwide. Nalgene Bottle Top Filters may be available in an alternate sale unit size: Click here! We offer complete Nalgene Bottle Top Filter specifications upon request. Discounts on Nalgene Bottle Top Filters for resale and bulk orders are available.

Pore Size, m Capacity, mL Diameter, mm Neck Size, mm NNI No. Unit
0.2 150 50 33 290-3320 Case of 12
0.2 150 50 45 290-4520 Case of 12
0.2 500 75 33 291-3320 Case of 12
0.2 500 75 45 291-4520 Case of 12
0.2 1000 90 33 292-3320 Case of 12
0.2 1000 90 45 292-4520 Case of 12
0.45 150 50 33 290-3345 Case of 12
0.45 150 50 45 290-4545 Case of 12
0.45 500 75 33 291-3345 Case of 12
0.45 500 75 45 291-4545 Case of 12
Glass Prefilters
For 50 mm Diameter Membranes   DS0281-5000 Case of 100
For 75 mm Diameter Membranes   DS0281-7500 Case of 100
For 90 mm Diameter Membranes   DS0281-9000 Case of 100

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