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Ready Cult - For the rapid visual determination of E. Coli and Coliforms in water samples Ready Cult by EM Science EMD Chemicals.

 Just add a Readycult® capsule to your sample & mix. Incubate up to 24 hours at 35-37°C.  If there is no color change, the test is negative. (Turbidity does not indicate a positive test.)  Any color change in the broth to blue-green, even if only at the upper section, confirms the presence of total coliforms.   A light-blue fluorescence indicates the presence of E.coli.  If confirmation of E. coli is desired, the indole test can be performed directly in the same broth by adding Kovac's reagent (or Bactident® Indole). If a red ring appears immediately, you have positive confirmation.
Using the Readycult® identification method, you will save both time and expense by avoiding the traditional Coliform & E coli testing methods. You'll also be able to respond more quickly to potentially dangerous situations when Coliforms and E coli are found to be present in your water samples. As an added bonus, you'll never have to worry about product integrity because the Readycult® resealable packs do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of 3 years (post manufacturing date).
Description Item No. Price USD
Readycult® 100 Coliforms (20 tests) 1.01298.0002 $109.00
Readycult® 100 Coliforms (200 tests) 1.01298.0003 $995.00
Bactident® Indole (30ml dropper bottle) 1.11350.0001 $59.40

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