Agilent Technologies Spares Consumables and Maintenance Supplies

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Agilent Technologies Spares Zorbax HPLC Columns and allied products shipped worldwide by 
PO Box 1130, Lawrence, Kansas 66044 USA
Toll Free in the USA: 877-484-3552 or 1.785.393.8509
International Fax: 1.913.273.0458 - please include your e-mail in the fax for a reply. |
.All Agilent Technologies spares are arranged in alphabetical order below.
Brand Agilent Technologies Product Description Agilent Item No. Sale Unit Price in USD
Agilent 2, 5-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid in Water, 3 mL Agilent G2039A Each $187.65
Agilent AC/DC Adapter, 63W, 2.7A Agilent 0950-4422 Each $153.18
Agilent Adapter, Female 1/4-28, PEEK* Agilent 5042-8517 Each $36.34
Agilent Adapter, Internal 1/428 to External 1032, PEEK Agilent 0100-2298 Each $29.58
Agilent Adapter, Male to Female, PEEK Agilent 5042-8518 Each $21.42
Agilent Alpha-CHC in Methanol, 3 mL Agilent G2037A Each $187.65
Agilent AP-MALDI Matrix Dilution Solvent, 20 mL Agilent G1972-85000 Each $116.25
Agilent Argon Humidifier Agilent G3270-80029 Each $3,424.85
Agilent Bar Switch Valve, Two-Position/10-Port Agilent 0101-1420 Each $2,743.98
Agilent Bismuth Stock Solution Agilent 8500-6936 Each $113.31
Agilent Borate Buffer, 20 mm, pH 9.3, 100 mL Agilent 8500-6782 Each $54.83
Agilent Bottle Head Assembly Agilent G1312-68716 Each $102.27
Agilent Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Sample Agilent G1990-85000 Each $126.37
Agilent Buffer Loop Extension, 5 mL Agilent G2258-60002 Each $247.18
Agilent Bulkhead Fitting, Stainless Steel Agilent 2307833901 Each $107.80
Agilent Cable Adapter Agilent 007-1175 Each $126.39
Agilent Capillary Absorber, 500 L Agilent G1312-87300 Each $92.41
Agilent Capillary DAD Heat Exchanger Agilent G1315-87339 Each $105.36
Agilent Capillary, Fused Silica PEEK Agilent G1375-87318 Each $116.44
Agilent Capillary, Stainless Steel, 50 x 0.12 I.D. mm, M/F NS Agilent G1316-87312 Each $75.47
Agilent Capillary, Stainless Steel, 90 x 0.12 I.D. mm, M/F NS Agilent G1316-87314 Each $75.47
Agilent Capillary, Stainless Steel, 90 cm x 0.12 I.D. mm Agilent G1329-87300 Each $81.94
Agilent Capillary, Stainless Steel Restriction Agilent G1312-87301 Each $135.41
Agilent Carrier for Heat Exchanger TCC SL Agilent G1316-83200 Each $251.13
Agilent Ceramic Tube Package for SCD/NCD Agilent G6600-60035 Each $217.01
Agilent Ceramic Tube Package for Sulfur Chemical Luminescence Detector Agilent G6600-60034 Each $217.01
Agilent Chemstation Manuals on CD-ROM Agilent G2170-90803 Each $40.52
Agilent ChemSure Peristaltic Pump Replacement Tubing Agilent 5042-8954 Each $753.39
Agilent Cobalt Standard Stock Solution Agilent 8500-6947 Each $97.72
Agilent Collection and Storage Tubes, Polyropylene, Screw-Top, 1.5 mL Agilent 5188-5251 Pack of 100 $45.21
Agilent Connecting Capillary, Stainless Steel, 0.5I.D. x 150L mm Agilent 5022-6509 Each $41.73
Agilent Connecting Capillary, Stainless Steel, 0.5I.D. x 280L mm Agilent 5022-6510 Each $41.73
Agilent Connection Kit TV Gas Agilent 5182-9773 Each $196.57
Agilent Connector for Micro Flow Agilent G1833-65583 Each $27.64
Agilent Connector Rod, Dilution Agilent G3270-80024 Each $229.77
Agilent Connector Rod, Oxygen Agilent G3270-80026 Each $250.19
Agilent Connector Rod, Straight Agilent G3270-80025 Each $159.56
Agilent DAD Heat Exchanger, 310 x 0.17 mm Agilent G1315-87319 Each $105.36
Agilent Delay Calibrant Agilent G1946-85020 Each $84.13
Agilent Deuterium HPLC Detector Lamp Agilent 5181-1530 Each $1,220.12
Agilent Deuterium Lamp Agilent 2140-0585 Each $830.95
Agilent Deuterium Lamp Assembly, UV Agilent 2140-0605 Each $830.95
Agilent Deuterium Lamp for Filter Photometric Detector (FPD) Agilent 79880-60002 Each $725.77
Agilent Door Replacement Kit Agilent G1329-68727 Each $45.85
Agilent Dual Loop Piston Agilent G2258-60003 Each $485.16
Agilent Dual Plasma Quartz Tube Agilent G6600-80063 Each $232.32
Agilent ECD Test Sample, Lindane 3 x 0.5 mL in Isooctane Agilent 5183-0379 Each $110.35
Agilent ECNI Checkout Sample Agilent 5188-5347 Each $78.19
Agilent Edwards Ultragrade Oil for RV3 and RV5 Pumps Agilent G6600-85002 Each $29.07
Agilent EI Checkout Sample Agilent 5188-5348 Each $78.19
Agilent End Cap Assembly Agilent G3270-60207 Each $288.49
Agilent Environmental Calibration Standard Agilent 5183-4688 Each $809.93
Agilent Environmental Spike Mix Agilent 5183-4687 Each $809.93
Agilent ES/APCI Positive Ion Performance Agilent G1946-85004 Each $159.58
Agilent ESI/APCI Checkout Sample, 1 mL Agilent G1978-85000 Each $129.81
Agilent F6MB-F5M Union, Brass Agilent 230253314EHS Each $19.72
Agilent Fitting for Connecting Capillaries in Chip Cube, PEEK Agilent G4240-43200 Each $29.64
Agilent Flow Cell, Semi-Micro, 5 L, 6 mm Agilent G1315-60025 Each $1,924.86
Agilent Flow Cell, 13 L, 10 mm Agilent G1315-60012 Each (13 UL) $1,149.13
Agilent Flow Restrictor Agilent 2321390008 Each $236.66
Agilent Flowmeter Reverse ADM Agilent 220-1172-U Each $1,041.64
Agilent Fouranthene, 99%, 5 g Bottle Agilent G2474-85000 Each $64.74
Agilent Frit Adapter, PTFE, for 3.2 mm O.D. Tubing Agilent G2258-23201 Each $22.52
Agilent Frit Adapter for 4.7 mm O.D. Tubing Agilent G1361-23205 Each $22.47
Agilent Funnel Seals Agilent G1364-68730 Pack of 10 $408.48
Agilent Gas Connector Agilent 5042-4774 Each $42.55
Agilent Gas Line Connector Agilent G1833-65477 Each $59.41
Agilent Gold Tuning Solution Agilent 8500-7000 Each $144.64
Agilent Guard Inlet Fitting, High Pressure Agilent 820340-001 Each $70.45
Agilent Guard Exit Fitting, High Pressure Agilent 820345-001 Each $103.96
Agilent Headspace Leak Test Kit Agilent G1888-60701 Each $509.58
Agilent Heat Exchanger/Cooler, 1.5 L, 0.12 mm I.D. Agilent G1316-80004 Each $251.13
Agilent Hex Driver, 6 mm (1/4") Slit Agilent 5023-0240 Each $39.87
Agilent Hex Head Nut with PEEK Ferrule, Stainless Steel Agilent 5067-1540 Pack of 6 $105.48
Agilent High Temperature Heat Exchanger, 1.6 L, 0.12 mm I.D., L Agilent G1316-80003 Each $251.13
Agilent High Temperature Heat Exchanger, 1.6 L, 0.12 mm I.D., R Agilent G1316-80002 Each $251.13
Agilent HPLC Diagnositic on CD-ROM Agilent G2173-64000 Each $75.47
Agilent ICP-MS Checkout Solutions for 7500s Agilent 5184-3564 Each $1,136.00
Agilent ICP-MS Checkout Solutions for 7500a/i/c Agilent 5184-3565 Each $654.78
Agilent ICP-MS Stock Tuning Solution, 100 mL Agilent 5188-6564 Each $178.71
Agilent Indium Standard Stock Solution Agilent 8500-6946 Each $91.64
Agilent Initial Calibration Verification Agilent 5183-4682 Each $867.78
Agilent Injection Valve, Two-Position/6-Port, 600 bar Agilent 0101-1422 Each $2,743.98
Agilent Injection Valve, Manual, PEEK Agilent 0101-1231 Each $2,098.43
Agilent Injection Valve, Manual, PEEK, for 9725i Agilent 0101-1253 Each $1,644.82
Agilent Inlet Filter Replacements Agilent G1544-80530 Pack of 2 $130.15
Agilent Inlet Valve, Active without Cartridge Agilent G1312-60025 Each $415.49
Agilent Inner Ceramic Tube for Burners Agilent G6600-80047 Each $74.14
Agilent Inner Sleeve, for use with HMI Kit Agilent 5022-1703 Each $8.30
Agilent Inner Valve Rotor, Three Grooves Agilent G4240-23705 Each $865.14
Agilent Inorganic Anion Buffer, pH 7.7 Agilent 8500-6797 Each $340.52
Agilent Interference Check Solution A (Al, C, Ca, Cl, Fe, K, Mg, Mo, Na, P, S, Ti), 100 mL, 5% HNO3 Agilent 5188-6526 Each $519.33
Agilent Interference Check Solution B (Ag, As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Se, V, Zn), 100 mL, 5% HNO3 Agilent 5188-6527 Each $211.67
Agilent Internal Standard Mix Agilent 5188-6525 Each $211.67
Agilent Isis Tubing Kit Agilent G3138-65000 Each $1,933.85
Agilent Isolation Seal Agilent 1535-4046 Each $38.91
Agilent Liner, Helix Double Taper Agilent 5188-5398 Each $139.14
Agilent Liner, Helix Open-Ended Agilent 5188-5396 Each $91.24
Agilent Liner, Helix Single Taper Agilent 5188-5397 Each $139.14
Agilent Low Pressure Compressor, 220V Agilent 5184-3561 Each $3,418.47
Agilent Luer-Lock Fluoropolymer Resin Needles Agilent 5188-5253 Pack of 10 $15.50
Agilent M5 Union Elbow Agilent 998000053EHS Each $52.59
Agilent M5 Union, Brass Agilent 2302532140 Each $50.29
Agilent M6 Union, Brass Agilent 2302533140 Each $57.52
Agilent MALDI Matrix Dilution Solvent, 20 mL Agilent G1974-85000 Each $116.25
Agilent MALDI Plate Carrier ABI Opti-TOF Agilent 5023-0238 Each $260.33
Agilent MALDI Plate Carrier for Bruker Prespotted AncorChip (PAC) Targets Agilent 5022-6546 Each $260.34
Agilent Manual Prep Injection Valve Agilent 0101-1232 Each $2,296.96
Agilent Manual Syringe, 500 L Agilent 5183-4547 Each $82.07
Agilent MDL Test Sample Agilent 5188-5372 Each $69.14
Agilent Mercury Calibration Standard Agilent 8500-6941 Each $91.64
Agilent Micro Flow Cell, 2 L, 3 mm Agilent G1314-60087 Each $1,995.17
Agilent Micro Flow Cell with ID Tag, 2 L, 3 mm Agilent G1315-60024 Each $2,115.51
Agilent Micro Valve, Two-Position/10-Port Agilent 0101-1419 Each $4,941.00
Agilent Micro T-Connector, PEEK Agilent 5042-8519 Each $147.26
Agilent MicroMist Nebulizer, Borosilicate Glass Agilent G3266-65003 Each $796.54
Agilent MMI-TOF Tuning Mix, 100 mL Agilent G1969-85020 Each $209.05
Agilent Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil for RV5 Pump Agilent G6600-85001 Each $29.07
Agilent Multi-Element Calibration Standard, 5% HNO3 Agilent 8500-6944 Each $216.93
Agilent Multi-Element Calibration Standard, H2O Trace HF Agilent 8500-6942 Each $287.95
Agilent Needle Assay for Fraction Collector Agilent G1364-87201 Each $116.80
Agilent Needle Assembly Vial Probe, Nickel Agilent 232279001EHS Each $151.20
Agilent Ni Sampling Cone for T-Mode Agilent G1820-65480 Each $1,024.24
Agilent Ni Skimmer Cone for T-Mode Agilent G1820-65481 Each $712.62
Agilent Nitrile Butadiene Rubber O-Ring, 1.4 mm I.D. Agilent 5065-9965 Pack of 10 $22.06
Agilent Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Test Agilent G2933-85022 Each $126.32
Agilent Nitrogen Generator, 100V Agilent 5183-2029 Each $14,577.63
Agilent Odor Filtration Element for NCD/SCD Oil Mist Filter Agilent G6600-80045 Each $65.41
Agilent Oil Coalescing Filter for E2M5 Pump Agilent G6600-80042 Each $139.14
Agilent Oil Coalescing Filter for SCD/NCD Agilent G6600-80044 Each $197.86
Agilent Oil Mist Filter for RV5 Pump Agilent G6600-80043 Each $524.64
Agilent Oral Fluids Analyzer Agilent G1540-85010 Each $134.10
Agilent Organic Acid Buffer, pH 5.6, 250 mL Agilent 8500-6785 Each $142.75
Agilent Organic Acid Test Sample Agilent 8500-6900 Each $139.37
Agilent O-Ring for Reaction Cell Agilent G3270-65036 Pack of 2 $11.30
Agilent O-Ring, 1.301" I.D. Agilent G6600-80051 Each $8.72
Agilent O-Ring, 1.361" I.D. Agilent G6600-80050 Each $10.90
Agilent O-Ring, Rubber, for Water Filter Cartridge, 89 mm I.D. Agilent G1833-66042 Each $14.40
Agilent Outer Ceramic Tube for Stainless Steel Burners Agilent G6600-80048 Each $77.02
Agilent Outer Valve Rotor, Five Grooves Agilent G4240-25206 Each $1,059.71
Agilent Ozone Destruction Chemical Trap Agilent G6600-85000 Each $196.58
Agilent Peristaltic Pump with ChemSure Tubing Agilent 5065-9952 Each $1,000.57
Agilent PFA Connector Agilent G3139-65004 Each $385.23
Agilent PFA Endcap Agilent G3139-65002 Each $1,636.93
Agilent PFA Spray Chamber Agilent G3139-65003 Each $3,284.35
Agilent Phosphate Ammonium Sulphate Agilent 8500-6787 Each $170.94
Agilent Piston Guide, PEEK Agilent G2258-23101 Each $290.56
Agilent Plate Seat Assembly Agilent G1367-87104 Each $273.48
Agilent Plug for HMI Kit Agilent G3270-20067 Each $19.22
Agilent PM Kit for 1100 Series Prep Pump Agilent G1361-68710 Each $561.43
Agilent PM Kit for Seal Wash Agilent G1310-68731 Each $140.70
Agilent PolyWax 500, 1 g Agilent 5188-5316 Each $48.97
Agilent PolyWax 655, 1 g Agilent 5188-5317 Each $31.02
Agilent Pressure Regulator Agilent 330-086-HSP Each $582.44
Agilent Probe Agilent G3160-65324 Each $638.98
Agilent PT 2 mm Injector with PFA Base Agilent G3139-65005 Each $6,286.03
Agilent Purge Valve Assembly Agilent G1312-60023 Each $529.86
Agilent Purge Valve, Stainless Steel Agilent G1311-60009 Each $510.15
Agilent Quartz Cell Body, 80 nL Agilent G1315-80002 Each $2,061.15
Agilent Quartz Torch for PT Injector Agilent G3139-65006 Each $1,272.72
Agilent Quartz Torch, 1 I.D. mm Agilent G1820-65528 Each $1,061.03
Agilent Rail Assembly, Column Organizer Agilent 5067-1510 Each $226.13
Agilent Regulator for Calibration Mix Cylinders Agilent 5184-3539 Each $423.36
Agilent RGA Calibration Mix Cylinder Agilent 5184-3538 Each $477.40
Agilent Rhodium Standard Stock Solution Agilent 8500-6945 Each $510.14
Agilent Ring Stand Mounting Bracket Agilent 1400-3166 Each $79.16
Agilent Rotor Seal and Stator Face, PEEK Agilent 0101-1268 Each $458.86
Agilent Rotor Seal for 3725 Series, PEEK Agilent 0101-1233 Each $184.06
Agilent Rotor Seal for 7125, 7725, and 9725 Series, PEEK Agilent 0101-1255 Each $174.88
Agilent Rotor Seal for 7000, 7010, and 7040 Series, PEEK Agilent 0101-1256 Each $170.94
Agilent Rotor Seal for HP5063-6575 Valve Agilent 5067-1539 Each $188.00
Agilent Rotor Seal for Two-Positon/6-Port Switching Valve, 400 bar Agilent 0101-1411 Each $156.46
Agilent Rotor Seal for Two-Positon/6-Port Switching Valve, 600 bar Agilent 0101-1409 Each $562.75
Agilent Rotor Seal for Two-Positon/10-Port Switching Valve, 400 bar Agilent 0101-1361 Each $311.59
Agilent Rotor Seal for Two-Positon/10-Port Switching Valve, 600 bar Agilent 0101-1415 Each $562.73
Agilent Sample Rack for 8 mL Vials, 90 Positions Agilent G3286-80107 Each $47.47
Agilent Sample Rack for 14 mL Vials, 60 Positions Agilent G3286-80106 Each $47.47
Agilent Sample Rack for 20 mL Vials, 40 Positions Agilent G3286-80105 Each $47.47
Agilent Sample Rack for 30 mL Vials, 24 Positions Agilent G3286-80104 Each $47.47
Agilent Sample Rack for 50 mL Vials, 21 Positions Agilent G3286-80103 Each $47.47
Agilent Screw and Spacer Kit Agilent G3270-60639 Each $337.92
Agilent Sinapinic Acid in Methanol, 3 mL Agilent G2038A Each $187.65
Agilent Skimmer Cone Agilent G3270-60106 Each $2,333.44
Agilent Solvent Inlet Filter, Metal-Free Agilent 3150-0958 Each $30.06
Agilent SPE Cartridge Reservoir, 6mi, Empty Agilent 700-4006 Each $47.20
Agilent SPE Cartridge Reservoir, 25mi, Empty Agilent 700-4007 Each $75.52
Agilent SPE Cartridge Reservoir, 70mi, Empty Agilent 700-4008 Each $113.84
Agilent Spray Chamber for Ultra Trace B Analysis Agilent G3270-80300 Each $893.55
Agilent Stator Face Assembly for Two-Position/Six-Port Switching Valve, 400 bar Agilent 0100-1851 Each $280.05
Agilent Stator for 10-Port Micro Valve Agilent 0101-1421 Each $2,107.62
Agilent Stator for Six-Port Switching Valve Agilent 0101-1417 Each $1,132.04
Agilent Stator for Six-Position/Seven-Port Switching Valve Agilent 0101-1410 Each $895.38
Agilent Stator for Two-Position/10-Port Switching Valve Agilent 0101-1363 Each $1,304.28
Agilent Strain Relief Septum Nut Agilent 301-205-HSP Each $257.71
Agilent Sulfur Chemiluminescence Test, 1 mL Agilent G2933-85001 Each $67.82
Agilent Sulfur Trap for SCD Replacement Agilent G2933-85003 Each $334.44
Agilent Switching Valve, Two-Position/10-Port Agilent 0101-1343 Each $2,131.30
Agilent Tee, Brass Agilent 2304533140 Each $50.29
Agilent Test STD Agilent 8500-6812 Each $102.55
Agilent Test Standard for 0.18 x 0.32 I.D. mm Capillary Column, OV-351 Agilent 200-0032 Each $47.05
Agilent Test Standard for 0.18 x 0.32 I.D. mm Capillary Column, DB-WAX Agilent 200-0370 Each $47.05
Agilent Tray for Four Plates, Cooled Agilent G1364-84511 Each $226.14
Agilent Tube, Tee to Pressure PCA Agilent 1300530010 Each $100.63
Agilent Tube, Vent Deactivated Agilent 1300530001 Each $50.29
Agilent Tubing, 0.13I.D. mm x 1.6O.D. mm x 5L m, PEEK Agilent 5042-6461 Each $93.48
Agilent Tubing, 0.18I.D. mm x 1.6O.D. mm x 5L m, PEEK Agilent 5042-6462 Each $80.11
Agilent Tubing, 0.25I.D. mm x 1.6O.D. mm x 5L m, PEEK Agilent 5042-6463 Each $71.75
Agilent Tubing, 1/8" O.D., Stainless Steel Agilent G3270-65035 Each $211.91
Agilent Tubing Adapter Agilent G3138-65158 Each $130.20
Agilent Tubing, Vacuum Degasser Agilent 5042-8922 Each $111.21
Agilent Tuning Solution (Ce, Co, Li, Mg, TI, Y), Two 500 mL Bottles, 2% HNO3 Agilent 5185-5959 Each $366.83
Agilent Tuning Solution (7500 Series) Agilent 5188-6524 Each $883.54
Agilent Tuning Solution, RRLC Checkout Sample Agilent 5188-6529 Each $31.39
Agilent Tuning Solution, 2 x 500 mL Agilent 5185-5850 Each $711.32
Agilent Union Fitting, 4mm Agilent 5064-8078 Each $164.35
Agilent Universal Calibration Mix Cylinders Agilent 5184-3541 Pack of 2 $1,271.41
Agilent Universal Trap Agilent RMSH-2 Each $401.00
Agilent Valve for Dissolution Testing Agilent 5063-6575 Each $1,084.71
Agilent Valve, Solenoid for Vial Pressurization Agilent 3600500002 Each $308.98
Agilent Valve, Solenoid Vent, Kalrez* Agilent 3600500001 Each $624.51
Agilent Waste Tube, 0.8 I.D. x 1.6 O.D. mm Agilent G1375-87326 Each $66.72
Agilent Well Plate Rack Extension, 21.6 cm (81/2") Agilent G2255-68720 Each $7,048.63
Agilent Well Plate Rack Extension, 25.4 cm (10") Agilent G2255-68730 Each $7,048.63
Agilent XFormer with Cord, 100240V Agilent 5185-5924 Each $65.80
Agilent Y-Cable Agilent G1512-60530 Each $135.42
Agilent ZDV Union, Stainless Steel Agilent 5022-2133 Each $56.13