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Send us an inquiry via e-mail and include the part number!

We will provide cost, shipping requirements, potential hazard information and other information upon request!

Catalog Number Catalog Name
PC530CB Anti-B Cell Activating Factor Belonging to theTNF Family 
238702CB aB-Crystallin Peptide (163-175) Polyclonal Antibody 
238702CB Anti-aB-Crystallin Peptide (163-175), Human (Rabbit) 
203450CB B-NOD 
553004CB Anti-B-Raf Protein Kinase, C-Terminal (734-747) (Rabbit) 
553006CB B-Raf Protein Kinase, C-Terminal (734-747) Blocking Peptide 
553004CB B-Raf Protein Kinase, C-Terminal (734-747) Polyclonal Antibody 
344510CB B581 
217625CB Anti-B7-1 
217627CB Anti-B7-1, FITC 
217630CB Anti-B7-2 
217631CB Anti-B7-2, Biotin 
217632CB Anti-B7-2, FITC 
217633CB Anti-B7-2, R-PE 
69287CB B834 Glycerol Stock 
69044CB B834 Glycerol Stock Set 
69041CB B834(DE3) Competent Cells 
69288CB B834(DE3) Glycerol Stock 
69042CB B834(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells 
69289CB B834(DE3)pLysS Glycerol Stock 
203671CB BA, 3NH4 
1151713CB BAA 
195005CB Baccatin III 
580555CB Baccatin III N-benzyl-b-phenylisoserine Ester 
195100CB BACE (26-45) Polyclonal Antibody 
195100CB Anti-BACE (26-45), Human (Rabbit) 
195101CB BACE (46-65) Polyclonal Antibody 
195101CB Anti-BACE (46-65), Human (Rabbit) 
195102CB BACE (487-501) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC478CB Anti-BACE (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC478CB BACE (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC529CB Anti-BACE (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
PC529CB BACE (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
195103CB BACE2 (131-142) Polyclonal Antibody 
195103CB Anti-BACE2 (131-142), Human (Rabbit) 
195104CB BACE2 (504-518) Polyclonal Antibody 
195104CB Anti-BACE2 (504-518), Human (Rabbit) 
PC555CB Anti-BACE2 (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC555TCB Anti-BACE2 (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC555TCB BACE2 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC555CB BACE2 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC556CB Anti-BACE2 (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
PC556TCB Anti-BACE2 (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
PC556TCB BACE2 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC556CB BACE2 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
1951CB Bacitracin 
218784CB BACMK 
70034CB BacPlaque™ Agarose 
69390CB Bacteriophage CE6 
70590CB BacVector™ Insect Cell Medium 
70057CB BacVector™-1000 DNA Kit 
70059CB BacVector-1000 Transfection Kit 
70591CB BacVector-1000 Transfection Kit Plus BacVector Insect Cell Medium 
70058CB BacVector™-2000 DNA Kit 
70030CB BacVector-2000 Transfection Kit 
70592CB BacVector-2000 Transfection Kit Plus BacVector Insect Cell Medium 
70078CB BacVector™-3000 DNA Kit 
70077CB BacVector-3000 Transfection Kit 
70593CB BacVector-3000 Transfection Kit Plus BacVector Insect Cell Medium 
PF086CB BAD Control Proteins 
195872CB BAD Polyclonal Antibody 
195872CB Anti-BAD, Mouse (Rabbit) 
1152078CB BAEE 
200016CB BAEE, HCl 
PC530CB BAFF (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
AM69CB Anti-BAFF (Ab-2) (Rat) 
AM69TCB Anti-BAFF (Ab-2) (Rat) 
AM69CB BAFF (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM69TCB BAFF (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
PF088CB BAFF, Human, Recombinant 
196000CB Bafilomycin A1, Streptomyces griseus 
PC115CB Anti-BAG-1 (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC115CB BAG-1 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
196322CB Baicalein 
196150CB Bak (2-14) Polyclonal Antibody 
196150CB Anti-Bak (2-14), Human (Rabbit) 
AM03CB Anti-Bak (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
AM03TCB Anti-Bak (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
AM03CB Bak (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM03TCB Bak (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM04CB Anti-Bak (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
AM04CB Bak (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
196350CB Bak BH3 Fusion Peptide, Cell-Permeable 
196355CB Bak BH3 Fusion Peptide, Cell-Permeable, Negative Control 
1209421CB BAME hydrochloride 
431774CB Bandeirea simplicifolia Lectin I-Isolectin B4 
OP86CB Anti-BAP1 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP86CB BAP1 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
286818CB BAPTA, 5,5?-Dibromo-, Tetrasodium Salt 
196418CB BAPTA, Tetrasodium Salt 
196419CB BAPTA/AM 
298724CB BAPTA/AM, 5,5?-Difluoro- 
596200CB Basic Yellow 1 
196705CB Bastadin 19, Ianthella basta 
196700CB Bastadin 5, Ianthella basta 
196821CB Bax (44-62) Polyclonal Antibody 
196821CB Anti-Bax (44-62), Human (Rabbit) 
PC66CB Anti-Bax (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC66TCB Anti-Bax (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC66TCB Bax (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC66CB Bax (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
AM13CB Anti-Bax (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
AM13CB Bax (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM32CB Anti-Bax (Ab-3) (Mouse) 
AM32CB Bax (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC103CB Anti-Bax (Ab-4) (Rabbit) 
PC103CB Bax (Ab-4) Polyclonal Antibody 
AM42CB Anti-Bax (Ab-5) (Mouse) 
AM42TCB Anti-Bax (Ab-5) (Mouse) 
AM42TCB Bax (Ab-5) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM42CB Bax (Ab-5) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM44CB Anti-Bax (Ab-6) (Mouse) 
AM44TCB Anti-Bax (Ab-6) (Mouse) 
AM44TCB Bax (Ab-6) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM44CB Bax (Ab-6) Monoclonal Antibody 
PP51CB Bax Peptide 
196870CB BAY 11-7082 
196872CB BAY 11-7085 
196975CB BBNH 
216252CB BCECF 
216254CB BCECF/AM 
132250CB BCH 
203783CB BCI-b-D-glucuronide 
203785CB BCI-b-D-glucuronide 
203771CB BCI-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-b-D-galactosaminide 
203785CB BCI-glucuro 
203783CB BCI-glucuro 
203783CB BCIG 
203785CB BCIG 
203788CB BCIP, 2Na 
203787CB BCIP/INT 
203790CB BCIP/NBT 
CC11CB Anti-Bcl-1 
CC12CB Anti-Bcl-1 
197207CB Bcl-2 (4-21) Polyclonal Antibody 
197207CB Anti-Bcl-2 (4-21), Human and Mouse (Rabbit) 
197204CB Bcl-2 (41-54) Polyclonal Antibody 
OP60TCB Anti-Bcl-2 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
AM58CB Anti-Bcl-2a (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
AM58CB Bcl-2a (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP60TCB Bcl-2 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP60CB Bcl-2 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM59CB Anti-Bcl-2a (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
PC68CB Anti-Bcl-2 (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
AM59CB Bcl-2a (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC68CB Bcl-2 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC68TCB Bcl-2 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
OP91CB Bcl-2 (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM43TCB Anti-Bcl-2 (Ab-4) (Mouse) 
AM43CB Anti-Bcl-2 (Ab-4) (Mouse) 
AM43CB Bcl-2 (Ab-4) Monoclonal Antibody 
AM43TCB Bcl-2 (Ab-4) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC200CB Anti-Bcl-2 (Ab-5) (Sheep) 
PC200CB Bcl-2 (Ab-5) Polyclonal Antibody 
AM04CB Anti-Bcl-2 Antagonist Killer 
AM03TCB bcl-2 Antagonist Killer 
AM03CB Anti-Bcl-2 Antagonist Killer 
197212CB bcl-2 Antisense Oligonucleotide Set 
197208CB bcl-2 Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt 
197211CB bcl-2 Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt, Fluorescein-Labeled 
197210CB bcl-2 Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt, Negative Control 
PC115CB Anti-Bcl-2 Binding Athanogene 
197220CB Bcl-2 Binding Peptide, Cell-Permeable 
197225CB Bcl-2 Binding Peptide, Cell-Permeable, Negative Control 
ASK12CB Bcl-2 Family Antibody Sampler Kit 
AM53CB Anti-Bcl-2 Interacting Mediator 
PP52CB Bcl-2 Peptide 
WBB12CB Biotinylated bcl-2 Western Blotting Kit II 
197208CB bcl-2, AS 
197210CB bcl-2, Control, G3622 
203772CB BCl-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-b-D-glucosaminide 
197215CB Bcl-3 Polyclonal Antibody 
197209CB Bcl-w (16-29) Polyclonal Antibody 
197209CB Anti-Bcl-w (16-29), Human (Rabbit) 
AM54CB Anti-Bcl-w (Ab-1) (Rat) 
AM54CB Bcl-w (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC67CB Bcl-x (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC104CB Anti-Bcl-x (Ab-3) (Rabbit) 
PC104CB Bcl-x (Ab-3) Polyclonal Antibody 
PP53CB Bcl-x Peptide 
197205CB bcl-xS, Control 
AM05CB Anti-Bcl-xL (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
AM05CB Bcl-xL (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC89CB Anti-Bcl-xs (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC89CB Bcl-xs (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
197214CB bcl-xS Antisense Oligonucleotide Set 
197203CB bcl-xS Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt 
197206CB bcl-xS Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt, Fluorescein-Labeled 
197205CB bcl-xS Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt, Negative Control 
PP54CB bcl-xs Peptide 
197203CB bcl-xS, AS 
PF089CB BCMA:Fc, Human, Recombinant 
PP02CB Bcr Peptide 
PP18CB Bcr Peptide-2 
PC02LCB Bcr/Abl (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
OP26CB Bcr/Abl (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
203850CB BCT 
203984CB BDM 
GF35LCB Anti-BDNF (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GF35LCB BDNF (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
197700CB BDS-I, Anemonia sulcata 
197705CB BDS-II, Anemonia sulcata 
198900CB BE-18257B 
198901CB Benzalkonium Chloride 
199001CB Benzamidine, Hydrochloride 
01-64-0005CB Benzhydrylamine resin hydrochloride salt 
540505CB 9H-Benzo(a)xanthen-9-one, 1,2,3,4,4a,5,6,6a,12a,12b-decahydro-10-hydroxy-4,4',6a,12b-tetramethyl-,(4aa,6aa,12aa,12bb)-(+) 
70746CB Benzonase® Nuclease, >90% purity 
70664CB Benzonase® Nuclease, >99% purity 
01-62-0001CB Benzotriazole-1-yl-oxy-tris-(dimethylamino)-phosphoniumhexafluorophosphate 
01-62-0016CB Benzotriazole-1-yl-oxy-tris-pyrrolidino-phosphonium hexafluorophosphate 
01-64-0342CB Benzotriazole-5-carbamidomethyl polystyrene 
428050CB R(–)-4-(2,1,3-Benzoxadiazol-4-yl)-1,4-dihydro-(2,6-dimethyl-5-nitro)pyridine-3-carboxylic Acid Isopropylester 
1146599CB Benzoyl-Ala-OH 
1151713CB Benzoyl-Arg-NH2 · HCl 
1152078CB Benzoyl-Arg-OEt · HCl 
1151348CB Benzoyl-Arg-OH 
1209421CB Benzoyl-Arg-OMe · HCl 
1133451CB Benzoyl-D-Ala-OH 
1143678CB Benzoyl-D-Phe-OH 
605211CB Benzoyl-FVR-AMC 
605210CB Benzoyl-FVR-pNA 
1218187CB Benzoyl-Glu-OH 
1164862CB Benzoyl-His-OH 
200016CB Na-Benzoyl-L-arginine Ethyl Ester, Hydrochloride 
1180567CB Benzoyl-Orn-OH 
1183123CB Benzoyl-Phe-OH 
1202482CB Benzoyl-Tyr-OEt 
535268CB DL-4-(Benzoylamino)-5-(dipropylamino)-5-oxopentanoic Acid, Na 
34134CB 4-Benzoylamino-2,5-dimethoxy Aniline Diazonium Chloride 
575301CB Benzyl 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-3-O-(b-D-galactopyranosyl)-a-D-galactopyranoside 
200100CB Benzyl-a-GalNAc 
200100CB Benzyl-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-a-D-galactopyranoside 
233903CB 2-Benzyl-6-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-8-benzylimidazo[1,2-a]pyrazin-3-(7H)-one 
233902CB 2-Benzyl-6-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-8-cyclopentylmethylimidazo[1,2-a]pyrazin-3-(7H)-one 
200241CB Benzyladenine 
200250CB S-Benzylisothiourea, Hydrochloride 
200274CB Na-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-lysine Thiobenzyl Ester, Hydrochloride 
565760CB N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-Leu-leucinal 
565749CB N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-Val-Leu-leucinal 
03-34-0051CB Benzyloxycarbonyldipeptidyl Aldehyde 
03-34-0051CB Benzyloxycarbonylleucyl-norleucinal 
5161CB Benzylpenicillin, K 
52332CB Benzylsulfonyl Fluoride 
200366CB Bepridil, Hydrochloride 
200400CB Berberine, Hemisulfate 
391334CB BES, Free Acid, ULTROL® Grade 
200484CB Bestatin 
71074CB BetaBlue™ Staining Kit 
70979CB BetaFluor™ b-Galactosidase Assay Kit 
200495CB Betaine, Hydrochloride 
70978CB BetaRed™ b-Galactosidase Assay Kit 
200498CB Betulinic Acid 
499050CB BGP 
C-O-006CB BH4 
01-64-0005CB BHA-resinúHCl 
286888CB BHQ 
391336CB Bicine, ULTROL® Grade 
PC562CB Anti-BID (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC562TCB Anti-BID (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC562TCB BID (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC562CB BID (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC610CB Bid (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC611CB Bid (Ab-3) Polyclonal Antibody 
200965CB Big CHAP 
256455CB Big CHAP, Deoxy 
695200CB Big-Endothelin 1, 1-38, Human 
698122CB Big-Endothelin 1, 1-39, Rat 
C-026CB Big-Endothelin-1 (1-38) 
C-026CB Big-ET-1 (human) 
2011CB Bilirubin 
201102CB Bilirubin Conjugate, Ditaurate, Disodium Salt 
202000CB Bim (22-40) Polyclonal Antibody 
202000CB Anti-Bim (22-40), Human (Rabbit) 
AM53CB Anti-Bim (Ab-1) (Rat) 
AM53CB Bim (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC455CB Anti-Binding Protein 
2031CB D-(+)-Biotin 
374092CB Anti-HO-1, Biotin Conjugate 
203112CB Biotin N-hydroxysuccinimide Ester 
203199CB Biotin Polyclonal Antibody 
203204CB Biotin Polyclonal Antibody Fluorescein Conjugate 
203206CB Biotin Polyclonal Antibody Peroxidase Conjugate 
203192CB Biotin, Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate 
343222CB Biotin, Fluorescein Conjugate 
203194CB Biotin, Peroxidase Conjugate 
203155CB Biotin, Photoactivatable 
208697CB Biotin-CaM 
235422CB Biotin-DEVD-CHO 
203109CB Biotin-Hydrazide 
203112CB Biotin-NHS 
203113CB Biotin-NHS Kit 
401778CB Biotin-NHS, 2-Imino- 
203118CB Biotin-NHS, Water-Soluble 
672163CB Biotin-uPA 
520224CB Biotin-X-D-Phe-Pro-Arg-chloromethylketone, 2HCl 
218747CB Biotin-X-DEVD-FMK 
347437CB Biotin-X-Glu-Gly-Arg-chloromethyl Ketone, HCl 
203190CB Biotin-X-Hydrazide 
203188CB Biotin-X-NHS 
203187CB Biotin-X-NHS Kit 
203189CB Biotin-X-NHS, Water-Soluble 
203193CB Biotin-X-NHS, Water-Soluble, Cleavable 
218742CB Biotin-X-VAD-FMK 
203110CB Biotin-XX-Hydrazide 
203114CB Biotin-XX-NHS 
568102CB Biotin/Streptavidin Immunostaining Kit, Anti-Goat IgG, Peroxidase 
568108CB Biotin/Streptavidin Immunostaining Kit, Anti-Mouse IgG, Peroxidase 
568112CB Biotin/Streptavidin Immunostaining Kit, Anti-Rabbit IgG, Peroxidase 
475971CB 2-((6-((Biotinyl)amino)hexanoyl)amino)ethyl Methanesulfonate 
69218CB Biotinylated S-protein 
69968CB Biotinylated T7•Tag® Monoclonal Antibody 
69672CB Biotinylated Thrombin 
431803CB Biotinylated TML 
368673CB Anti-BiP 
234610CB 3,3?-[(1,1?-Biphenyl)-4,4?-diylbis(azo)]bis(4-amino-1-naphthalenesulfonic Acid) 2Na 
444241CB (2R)-2-[(4-Biphenylylsulfonyl)amino]-3-phenylpropionic Acid 
203325CB bis(2-Mercaptoethylsulfone) 
322150CB bis(Diethylthiocarbamyl)disulfide 
322130CB bis(N,N-Dimethylhydroxamido)hydroxooxovanadate 
01-63-0101CB Bis(pyridine)iodonium (I) tetrafluoroborate 
01-64-0141CB Bis-(2-aminoethyl)-ether trityl resin 
01-64-0179CB Bis-(6-carboxy-HOBt)-N-(2-aminoethyl)aminomethyl polystyrene 
01-64-0179CB Bis-HOBt-ethylenediamine methyl polystyrene 
442635CB bis-Maleimidomethyl Ether 
394111CB BIS-Tris Propane, ULTROL® Grade 
391335CB BIS-Tris, ULTROL® Grade 
658418CB Bis-Tyrphostin 
203851CB bis[2-(Sulfosuccinimidooxycarbonyloxy)ethyl]-sulfone 
382061CB Bisbenzimide H 33258 Fluorochrome, Trihydrochloride 
382065CB Bisbenzimide H 33342 Fluorochrome, Trihydrochloride 
287897CB Bishydroxycoumarin 
203290CB Bisindolylmaleimide I 
203293CB Bisindolylmaleimide I in Solution 
203291CB Bisindolylmaleimide I, Hydrochloride 
203292CB Bisindolylmaleimide II 
203294CB Bisindolylmaleimide III, Hydrochloride 
203305CB Bisindolylmaleimide Inhibitor Set 
203297CB Bisindolylmaleimide IV 
557520CB Bisindolylmaleimide IX, Methanesulfonate 
203303CB Bisindolylmaleimide V 
557508CB Bisindolylmaleimide VIII, Acetate 
557514CB Bisindolylmaleimide X, HCl 
557525CB Bisindolylmaleimide XI, HCl 
203315CB D,L-1,4-Bismaleimidyl-2,3-dihydroxybutane 
566310CB Anti-BIT 
70232CB BL21 Competent Cell Set 
69449CB BL21 Competent Cells 
69386CB BL21 Glycerol Stock 
69443CB BL21 Glycerol Stock Set 
69450CB BL21(DE3) Competent Cells 
69387CB BL21(DE3) Glycerol Stock 
70235CB BL21(DE3) Singles™ Competent Cells 
70615CB BL21(DE3)pLacI Glycerol Stock 
69389CB BL21(DE3)pLysE Gycerol Stock 
69451CB BL21(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells 
69388CB BL21(DE3)pLysS Gycerol Stock 
70236CB BL21(DE3)pLysS Singles™ Competent Cells 
70508CB BL21trxB(DE3) Competent Cells 
70506CB BL21trxB(DE3) Glycerol Stock 
70509CB BL21trxB(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells 
70507CB BL21trxB(DE3)pLysS Gycerol Stock 
203350CB Blasticidin S, Hydrochloride, Streptomyces griseochromogenes 
203408CB BLEOCIN™, Streptomyces verticillus, Cell Culture-Tested 
203407CB Bleomycetin, 3HCl 
203405CB Bleomycin A2, Hydrochloride, Copper, Streptomyces verticillus 
203403CB Bleomycin A2, Hydrochloride, Streptomyces verticillus 
203407CB Bleomycin A5, Trihydrochloride, Streptomyces verticillus 
203413CB Bleomycin A6, Tetrahydrochloride, Copper, Streptomyces verticillus 
203411CB Bleomycin A6, Tetrahydrochloride, Streptomyces verticillus 
203417CB Bleomycin B2, Trihydrochloride, Copper, Streptomyces verticillus 
203415CB Bleomycin B2, Trihydrochloride, Streptomyces verticillus 
203401CB Bleomycin Sulfate, Streptomyces verticillus 
203403CB Blm A2, HCl 
203405CB Blm A2Cu, HCl 
203407CB Blm A5 
203411CB Blm A6 
203413CB Blm A6Cu, 4HCl 
203415CB Blm B2, 3HCl 
203417CB Blm B2Cu, 3HCl 
202762CB Blood Group A Antigen Monoclonal Antibody 
202762CB Anti-Blood Group A Antigen, Human (Mouse) 
202758CB Blood Group A Trisaccharide 
202760CB Blood Group A Trisaccharide-BSA, 10-Atom Spacer 
202769CB Blood Group B Antigen Monoclonal Antibody 
202769CB Anti-Blood Group B Antigen, Human (Mouse) 
202766CB Blood Group B Trisaccharide 
202768CB Blood Group B Trisaccharide-BSA, 10-Atom Spacer 
202773CB Blood Group H Disaccharide 
202775CB Blood Group P1 Trisaccharide-BSA, 10-Atom Spacer 
197700CB Blood-depressing Substance I 
197705CB Blood-depressing Substance II 
WB56CB BLOT-Fast Stain™ 
WB57CB BLOT-QuickBlocker™ 
70233CB BLR Competent Cell Set 
69052CB BLR Competent Cells 
69207CB BLR Glycerol Stock 
69057CB BLR Glycerol Stock Set 
69053CB BLR(DE3) Competent Cells 
69208CB BLR(DE3) Glycerol Stock 
69956CB BLR(DE3)pLysS Competent Cells 
69209CB BLR(DE3)pLysS Glycerol Stock 
200274CB BLT, HCl 
69142CB BLT5403 Glycerol Stock 
69905CB BLT5615 Glycerol Stock 
69087CB Blue-2 S•Tag™ primer 
499240CB BM-40 
499250CB BM-40 
PC539CB Anti-BMAL1 (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC539TCB Anti-BMAL1 (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC539CB BMAL1 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC539TCB BMAL1 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
203320CB BMC 
203315CB BMDB 
444203CB BME 
442635CB BMME 
203648CB BMP Receptor IB/Fc Chimera, His•Tag®, Human, Recombinant, Mouse 
PC571CB BMP-1 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC571TCB BMP-1 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC572CB BMP-1 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC572TCB BMP-1 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC573CB BMP-1 (Ab-3) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC573TCB BMP-1 (Ab-3) Polyclonal Antibody 
203640CB BMP-2/4, N-Terminal Polyclonal Antibody 
203644CB BMP-6, Human, Recombinant, Mouse 
203325CB BMS 
348000CB BN-52020 
477750CB BNF 
PC525CB Anti-Bnip3L (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC525CB Bnip3L (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
203420CB BNN3 
203422CB BNN5 Methyl Ester 
203421CB BNN5Na 
482720CB bNOS 
482724CB Anti-bNOS 
482725CB bNOS blocking peptide 
C-035CB BNP (human) 
05-23-0305CB BNP-32 
203411CB Boanmycin, 4HCl 
04-12-0116CB Boc-g-Abu-OH 
04-12-0100CB Boc-b-Ala-OH 
04-12-0142CB Boc-b-Ala-OSu 
C-220CB Boc-b-Ala-Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2 
04-12-0128CB Boc-3,4-dehydro-Pro-OH 
324692CB Boc-AAA-NHO-Bz 
368063CB Boc-AAD-S-Bzl 
04-12-0101CB Boc-Abu-OH 
04-12-0196CB Boc-ACHPA 
04-12-0145CB Boc-AHPPA 
04-12-0102CB Boc-eAhx-OH 
04-12-0203CB Boc-Aib-OH 
584491CB Boc-Ala-MBHA resin 
219249CB Boc-Ala-Merrifield resin 
229841CB Boc-bAla-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0147CB Boc-Ala-N(OCH3)CH3 
04-12-0002CB Boc-Ala-OH 
04-12-0003CB Boc-Ala-OSu 
401870CB Boc-Ala-PAM resin 
413558CB Boc-bAla-PAM resin 
414653CB Boc-bAla-PAM resin (100 - 200 mesh) 
01-63-0060CB Boc-amino-oxyacetic acid 
04-12-0220CB Boc-Arg(di-Z)-OH 
04-12-0113CB Boc-Arg(Mtr)-OH 
591796CB Boc-Arg(Mts)-MBHA resin 
229110CB Boc-Arg(Mts)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0179CB Boc-Arg(Mts)-OH 
411366CB Boc-Arg(Mts)-PAM resin 
04-12-0004CB Boc-Arg(NO2)-OH 
584856CB Boc-Arg(Tos)-MBHA resin 
219614CB Boc-Arg(Tos)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0036CB Boc-Arg(Tos)-OH 
402235CB Boc-Arg(Tos)-PAM resin 
04-12-0035CB Boc-Arg-OH · HCl · H2O 
229476CB Boc-Asn(Trt)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0187CB Boc-Asn(Trt)-OH 
413923CB Boc-Asn(Trt)-PAM-resin 
04-12-0022CB Boc-Asn(Xan)-OH 
585221CB Boc-Asn-MBHA resin 
04-12-0008CB Boc-Asn-OH 
04-12-0011CB Boc-Asn-ONp 
402600CB Boc-Asn-PAM resin 
04-12-0161CB Boc-Asp(O-1-Ada)-OH 
04-12-0162CB Boc-Asp(O-2-Ada)-OH 
04-12-0028CB Boc-Asp(OBzl)-OH 
04-12-0037CB Boc-Asp(OBzl)-OSu 
402965CB Boc-Asp(OBzl)-PAM resin 
585586CB Boc-Asp(OcHx)-MBHA resin 
220344CB Boc-Asp(OcHx)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0123CB Boc-Asp(OcHx)-OH 
403331CB Boc-Asp(OcHx)-PAM resin 
04-12-0040CB Boc-Asp(OtBu)-OH · DCHA 
04-12-0114CB Boc-Asp(OtBu)-OSu 
04-12-0173CB Boc-Asp-NH2 
04-12-0038CB Boc-Asp-OBzl 
04-12-0129CB Boc-Asp-OH 
04-12-0132CB Boc-Asp-OtBu 
04-12-0169CB Boc-Cha-OH · DCHA 
226554CB Boc-Cys(Acm)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0042CB Boc-Cys(Acm)-OH 
411731CB Boc-Cys(Acm)-PAM resin 
04-12-0030CB Boc-Cys(Bzl)-OH 
585952CB Boc-Cys(pMeBzl)-MBHA resin 
220710CB Boc-Cys(pMeBzl)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0134CB Boc-Cys(pMeBzl)-OH 
403696CB Boc-Cys(pMeBzl)-PAM resin 
227284CB Boc-Cys(pMeOBzl)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0045CB Boc-Cys(pMeOBzl)-OH 
412462CB Boc-Cys(pMeOBzl)-PAM resin 
04-12-0020CB Boc-Cys(Trt)-OH 
04-12-0125CB Boc-Cys-OH (cryst.) 
04-13-0038CB Boc-D-a-t-butylglycine 
584492CB Boc-D-Ala-MBHA resin 
04-13-0002CB Boc-D-Ala-OH 
04-13-0003CB Boc-D-Ala-OSu 
402236CB Boc-D-Ala-PAM resin 
04-13-0053CB Boc-D-Arg(Mtr)-OH 
404793CB Boc-D-Arg(Mts)-PAM resin 
04-13-0045CB Boc-D-Arg(NO2)-OH 
04-13-0044CB Boc-D-Arg(Tos)-OH 
402601CB Boc-D-Arg(Tos)-PAM resin 
04-13-0043CB Boc-D-Arg-OH · HCl · H2O 
04-13-0067CB Boc-D-Asn(Trt)-OH 
04-13-0005CB Boc-D-Asn-OH 
04-13-0006CB Boc-D-Asn-ONp 
410271CB Boc-D-Asn-PAM resin (100 - 200 mesh) 
04-13-0051CB Boc-D-Asp(OBzl)-OH 
403332CB Boc-D-Asp(OBzl)-PAM resin 
04-13-0060CB Boc-D-Cha-OH · DCHA 
218784CB Boc-D-CMK 
04-13-0059CB Boc-D-Cys(Acm)-OH 
04-13-0081CB Boc-D-Cys(Trt)-OH 
218745CB Boc-D-FMK 
04-13-0068CB Boc-D-Gln(Trt)-OH 
04-13-0037CB Boc-D-Gln-OH 
404062CB Boc-D-Gln-PAM resin 
04-13-0009CB Boc-D-Glu(OBzl)-OH 
403697CB Boc-D-Glu(OBzl)-PAM resin 
04-13-0079CB Boc-D-Glu(OtBu)-OH 
04-13-0072CB Boc-D-Glu-OBzl 
04-13-0058CB Boc-D-Hci-OH 
04-13-0016CB Boc-D-His(Tos)-OH 
04-13-0056CB Boc-D-His(Tos)-OH · DCHA 
04-13-0014CB Boc-D-His-OH 
219980CB Boc-D-Leu-Merrifield resin 
04-13-0018CB Boc-D-Leu-OH · H2O 
405158CB Boc-D-Leu-PAM resin 
219615CB Boc-D-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-Merrifield resin 
04-13-0046CB Boc-D-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-OH (cryst.) 
405523CB Boc-D-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-PAM resin 
2595517CB Boc-D-MePhe-OH · DCHA 
04-13-0021CB Boc-D-Met-OH 
405888CB Boc-D-Met-PAM resin 
2596248CB Boc-D-MeVal-OH 
04-13-0062CB Boc-D-Nva-OH (syrup) 
04-13-0064CB Boc-D-Phe(pCl)-OH 
219250CB Boc-D-Phe-Merrifield resin 
04-13-0024CB Boc-D-Phe-OH 
04-13-0034CB Boc-D-Phe-OSu 
406254CB Boc-D-Phe-PAM resin 
04-13-0039CB Boc-D-Phg-OH 
04-13-0027CB Boc-D-Pro-OH 
04-13-0036CB Boc-D-Pro-OSu 
406619CB Boc-D-Pro-PAM resin 
04-13-0065CB Boc-D-Ser(Bzl)-OH 
04-13-0028CB Boc-D-Ser-OH 
04-13-0066CB Boc-D-Thr(Bzl)-OH 
04-13-0041CB Boc-D-Thr-OH 
04-13-0074CB Boc-D-Tic-OH 
04-13-0057CB Boc-D-Trp(For)-OH 
406984CB Boc-D-Trp(For)-PAM resin 
04-13-0001CB Boc-D-Trp-OH 
409906CB Boc-D-Trp-PAM resin 
04-13-0049CB Boc-D-Tyr(2,6-di-Cl-Bzl)-OH 
04-13-0050CB Boc-D-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-OH 
401871CB Boc-D-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-PAM resin 
04-13-0030CB Boc-D-Tyr(Bzl)-OH 
04-13-0052CB Boc-D-Tyr(Et)-OH 
04-13-0054CB Boc-D-Tyr(Me)-OH 
04-13-0033CB Boc-D-Tyr-OH 
04-13-0031CB Boc-D-Val-OH 
407349CB Boc-D-Val-PAM resin 
01-63-0023CB Boc-DSP 
230571CB Boc-Gln(Trt)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0188CB Boc-Gln(Trt)-OH 
414288CB Boc-Gln(Trt)-PAM resin 
04-12-0054CB Boc-Gln(Xan)-OH 
586682CB Boc-Gln-MBHA resin 
04-12-0009CB Boc-Gln-OH 
04-12-0013CB Boc-Gln-ONp 
04-12-0053CB Boc-Gln-OSu 
404792CB Boc-Gln-PAM resin 
228015CB Boc-Glu(OBzl)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0025CB Boc-Glu(OBzl)-OH (cryst.) 
04-12-0049CB Boc-Glu(OBzl)-OSu 
404061CB Boc-Glu(OBzl)-PAM resin 
586317CB Boc-Glu(OcHx)-MBHA resin 
219979CB Boc-Glu(OcHx)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0121CB Boc-Glu(OcHx)-OH 
404426CB Boc-Glu(OcHx)-PAM resin 
04-12-0051CB Boc-Glu(OtBu)-OH 
04-12-0178CB Boc-Glu(OtBu)-OSu 
04-12-0174CB Boc-Glu-NH2 
04-12-0048CB Boc-Glu-OBzl (cryst.) 
04-12-0119CB Boc-Glu-OH 
04-12-0111CB Boc-Glu-OtBu 
587047CB Boc-Gly-MBHA resin 
221805CB Boc-Gly-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0001CB Boc-Gly-OH 
04-12-0027CB Boc-Gly-ONp 
04-12-0055CB Boc-Gly-OSu 
405157CB Boc-Gly-PAM resin 
565766CB Boc-GVV-CHO 
04-12-0181CB Boc-Hci-OH 
04-12-0124CB Boc-His(Boc)-OH · DCHA 
592161CB Boc-His(Bom)-MBHA resin 
228380CB Boc-His(Bom)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0158CB Boc-His(Bom)-OH 
227649CB Boc-His(Dnp)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0023CB Boc-His(Dnp)-OH · isopropanol 
587413CB Boc-His(Tos)-MBHA resin 
222171CB Boc-His(Tos)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0012CB Boc-His(Tos)-OH 
04-12-0151CB Boc-His(Tos)-OH · DCHA 
230206CB Boc-His(Trt)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0160CB Boc-His(Trt)-OH 
04-12-0019CB Boc-His-OH 
04-12-0104CB Boc-Hyp-OH (cryst.) 
587778CB Boc-Ile-MBHA resin 
222536CB Boc-Ile-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0148CB Boc-Ile-N(OCH3)CH3 (oil) 
04-12-0032CB Boc-Ile-OH · 0.5 H2O 
04-12-0057CB Boc-Ile-OSu 
405887CB Boc-Ile-PAM resin 
04-12-0126CB Boc-L-a-t-butylglycine 
05-20-0002CB Boc-Leu-y-[CH2N(2-Cl-Z)]-Leu-OH (oil) 
05-20-0001CB Boc-Leu-y-[CH2N(2-Cl-Z)]-Val-OH 
05-20-0003CB Boc-Leu-y-[CH2NH]-Leu-OH 
05-20-0004CB Boc-Leu-y-[CH2NH]-Val-OH 
588143CB Boc-Leu-MBHA resin 
222901CB Boc-Leu-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0005CB Boc-Leu-OH · H2O 
04-12-0059CB Boc-Leu-OSu 
406253CB Boc-Leu-PAM resin 
415749CB Boc-Leu-PAM resin (100 - 200 mesh) 
588508CB Boc-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-MBHA resin 
223266CB Boc-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0068CB Boc-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-OH (cryst.) 
406618CB Boc-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-PAM resin 
415384CB Boc-Lys(2-Cl-Z)-PAM resin (100 - 200 mesh) 
382155CB Boc-Lys(Ac)-AMC 
04-12-0191CB Boc-Lys(Ac)-OH 
04-12-0063CB Boc-Lys(Boc)-OH · DCHA 
04-12-0017CB Boc-Lys(Boc)-OSu 
04-12-0069CB Boc-Lys(Fmoc)-OH 
415019CB Boc-Lys(Fmoc)-PAM resin (100 - 200 mesh) 
04-12-0244CB Boc-Lys(Me)2-OH 
04-12-0168CB Boc-Lys(Tfa)-OH 
04-12-0031CB Boc-Lys(Z)-OH (cryst.) 
04-12-0065CB Boc-Lys(Z)-OSu 
04-12-0062CB Boc-Lys-OH 
2594055CB Boc-MeAla-OH 
2595881CB Boc-MeLeu-OH 
2600630CB Boc-MeNle-OH (oil) 
2596977CB Boc-MePhe-OH · DCHA 
04-12-0167CB Boc-Met(O)-OH 
413192CB Boc-Met(O)-PAM resin 
04-12-0156CB Boc-Met(O2)-OH 
588874CB Boc-Met-MBHA resin 
223632CB Boc-Met-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0071CB Boc-Met-OH 
04-12-0073CB Boc-Met-OSu 
406983CB Boc-Met-PAM resin 
2599169CB Boc-MeTyr(Bzl)-OH 
2602091CB Boc-MeTyr(Me)-OH · DCHA 
2598073CB Boc-MeVal-OH 
2599899CB Boc-MeVal-OH · DCHA 
01-63-0073CB Boc-NH(CH2)5NH2 · nTosOH 
01-63-0060CB Boc-NH-O-CH2COOH 
04-12-0106CB Boc-Nle-OH · DCHA 
04-12-0107CB Boc-Nva-OH (syrup) 
04-12-0099CB Boc-Orn(Z)-OH 
410270CB Boc-Orn(Z)-PAM resin 
04-12-0177CB Boc-Phe(pCl)-OH 
589239CB Boc-Phe-MBHA resin 
223997CB Boc-Phe-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0149CB Boc-Phe-N(OCH3)CH3 (oil) 
04-12-0021CB Boc-Phe-OH 
04-12-0075CB Boc-Phe-ONp 
04-12-0074CB Boc-Phe-OSu 
407348CB Boc-Phe-PAM resin 
04-12-0108CB Boc-Phg-OH 
589604CB Boc-Pro-MBHA resin 
224362CB Boc-Pro-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0010CB Boc-Pro-OH 
04-12-0077CB Boc-Pro-ONp 
04-12-0076CB Boc-Pro-OSu 
407714CB Boc-Pro-PAM resin 
04-12-0109CB Boc-Sar-OH 
04-12-0110CB Boc-Sar-OSu 
589969CB Boc-Ser(Bzl)-MBHA resin 
224727CB Boc-Ser(Bzl)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0024CB Boc-Ser(Bzl)-OH 
04-12-0080CB Boc-Ser(Bzl)-OSu 
408079CB Boc-Ser(Bzl)-PAM resin 
04-12-0186CB Boc-Ser(Me)-OH 
04-12-0081CB Boc-Ser(tBu)-OH · DCHA 
04-12-0078CB Boc-Ser-OH 
04-12-0127CB Boc-Sta-OH 
590335CB Boc-Thr(Bzl)-MBHA resin 
225093CB Boc-Thr(Bzl)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0192CB Boc-Thr(Bzl)-N(OCH3)CH3 (oil) 
04-12-0015CB Boc-Thr(Bzl)-OH 
04-12-0131CB Boc-Thr(Bzl)-OSu 
408444CB Boc-Thr(Bzl)-PAM resin 
04-12-0084CB Boc-Thr(tBu)-OH 
04-12-0118CB Boc-Thr-OH 
04-12-0214CB Boc-Tic-OH 
04-12-0205CB Boc-Trp(Boc)-OH 
590700CB Boc-Trp(For)-MBHA resin 
225458CB Boc-Trp(For)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0087CB Boc-Trp(For)-OH 
408809CB Boc-Trp(For)-PAM resin 
228745CB Boc-Trp(Mts)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0166CB Boc-Trp(Mts)-OH · DCHA 
411001CB Boc-Trp(Mts)-PAM resin 
05-20-0007CB Boc-Trp-y-[CH2NH]-Gly-OH 
226919CB Boc-Trp-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0201CB Boc-Trp-N(OCH3)CH3 
04-12-0006CB Boc-Trp-OH 
04-12-0086CB Boc-Trp-ONp 
409905CB Boc-Trp-PAM resin 
04-12-0014CB Boc-Tyr(2,6-di-Cl-Bzl)-OH 
591065CB Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-MBHA resin 
225823CB Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0200CB Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-N(OCH3)CH3 (oil) 
04-12-0094CB Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-OH 
409175CB Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-PAM resin 
04-12-0090CB Boc-Tyr(Bzl)-OH 
04-12-0091CB Boc-Tyr(Bzl)-OSu 
04-12-0164CB Boc-Tyr(Et)-OH 
04-12-0165CB Boc-Tyr(Me)-OH 
04-12-0093CB Boc-Tyr(tBu)-OH 
04-12-0016CB Boc-Tyr-OH 
04-12-0088CB Boc-Tyr-OSu 
591430CB Boc-Val-MBHA resin 
226188CB Boc-Val-Merrifield resin 
04-12-0150CB Boc-Val-N(OCH3)CH3 (oil) 
04-12-0029CB Boc-Val-OH 
04-12-0097CB Boc-Val-OSu 
409540CB Boc-Val-PAM resin 
219420CB Boc-VF-NHO-Bz-pCl 
528198CB Boc-VGR-bNA 
05-24-0004CB Boc4-Lys2-Lys-bAla-PAM resin 
05-24-0001CB Boc8-Lys4-Lys2-Lys-bAla-PAM resin 
05-24-0002CB Boc8-Lys4-Lys2-Lys-Cys(Acm)-bAla-PAM resin 
202000CB Anti-BOD 
C-150CB Bombesin 
203675CB Bombesin, Free Base 
203648CB Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor-IB/Fc Chimera 
203644CB Bone Morphogenetic Protein-6 
203637CB Bone Sialoprotein Monoclonal Antibody 
203637CB Anti-Bone Sialoprotein, Human (Mouse) 
499050CB Bone-Gla-Protein 
203671CB Bongkrekic Acid, Triammonium Salt 
203660CB Bonzo, C-Terminal (319-338) Polyclonal Antibody 
203660CB Anti-Bonzo, C-Terminal (319-338), Human (Rabbit) 
01-62-0001CB BOP 
203667CB Boric Acid, Molecular Biology Grade 
203674CB Botulinum Toxin A, Clostridium botulinum 
203652CB Botulinum Toxin A, Heavy Chain, Clostridium botulinum 
203650CB Botulinum Toxin A, Light Chain, Clostridium botulinum 
203672CB Botulinum Toxin B, Clostridium botulinum 
203656CB Botulinum Toxin B, Heavy Chain, Clostridium botulinum 
203654CB Botulinum Toxin B, Light Chain, Clostridium botulinum 
203676CB Botulinum Toxin C, Clostridium botulinum 
203677CB Botulinum Toxin D, Clostridium botulinum 
203673CB Botulinum Toxin E, Clostridium botulinum 
203679CB Botulinum Toxin F, Clostridium botulinum 
203653CB Botulinum Toxoid Type A, Clostridium botulinum 
203658CB Botulinum Toxoid Type B, Clostridium botulinum 
345876CB Bovine g-Globulin, Serum 
C-250CB Bovine [Arg8]-Vasopressin 
69231CB Bovine Genomic DNA 
401102CB Bovine IgG, Plasma 
217586CB Anti-bp50 
203697CB BPDQ 
203696CB BPIQ-I 
203704CB BPIQ-II 
512550CB bPTH 1-34 
512605CB bPTH 1-84 
203694CB bpV(bipy) 
203701CB bpV(HOpic) 
203695CB bpV(phen) 
203705CB bpV(pic) 
C-027CB BQ-123 · sodium salt 
705427CB BQ-123, Sodium Salt 
708349CB BQ-3020 
C-028CB BQ-485 · sodium salt 
707619CB BQ-485, Sodium Salt 
203715CB BQ-610 
C-029-1CB BQ-788 · sodium salt 
707984CB BQ-788, Sodium Salt 
203820CB Br-cGMP, Na 
05-23-0500CB Bradykinin 
C-090CB Bradykinin 
C-S-043CB Bradykinin type 2 receptor antagonist 
GF35LCB Anti-Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor 
203702CB Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
05-23-0305CB Brain Natriuretic Factor 1-32, Human 
05-23-0305CB Brain Natriuretic Peptide, Human 
WB32CB Brain Tissue Extract, Mouse 
WB31CB Brain Tissue Extract, Rat 
203850CB BRC 
OP92CB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP92TCB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP92TCB BRCA1 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP92CB BRCA1 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP93CB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
OP93TCB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
OP93TCB BRCA1 (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP93CB BRCA1 (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP94CB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-3) (Mouse) 
OP94CB BRCA1 (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP107CB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-4) (Mouse) 
OP107CB BRCA1 (Ab-4) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP116CB Anti-BRCA1 (Ab-5) (Mouse) 
OP116CB BRCA1 (Ab-5) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP95CB BRCA2 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC146TCB Anti-BRCA2 (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
PC146CB Anti-BRCA2 (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
PC146CB BRCA2 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC146TCB BRCA2 (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
NA20CB Anti-BrdU (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
NA20CB BrdU (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
NA61CB Anti-BrdU (Ab-3) (Mouse) 
NA61CB BrdU (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
HTS01CB BrdU Cell Proliferation Assay, HTS 
QIA58CB BrdU Cell Proliferation Assay, HTS 
HCS24CB BrdU IHC System 
QIA80CB BrdUTP-FragEL DNA Fragmentation Detection Kit 
OP95CB Anti-Breast Cancer Suceptibility Protein 
PC146TCB Anti-Breast Cancer Suceptibility Protein 
OP92TCB Anti-Breast Cancer Suceptibility Protein 
OP92CB Anti-Breast Cancer Suceptibility Protein 
OP93CB Anti-Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 
PC146CB Anti-Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 
OP93TCB Anti-Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 
OP94CB Anti-Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 
OP107CB Anti-Breast Cancer Susceptibility Protein 
203732CB Brevetoxin B 
203732CB Brevetoxin PbTx-2, Ptychodiscus brevis 
203734CB Brevetoxin PbTx-3, Ptychodiscus brevis 
203737CB Brevetoxin PbTx-6, Ptychodiscus brevis 
203724CB BRIJ® 35, 30% Aqueous Solution 
203728CB BRIJ® 35, PROTEIN GRADE® Detergent, 10% Solution, Sterile-Filtered 
203911CB BrNI 
203912CB BrNINa 
203761CB Bromelain, Pineapple Stem 
01-64-0030CB Brominated PPOA resin 
01-64-0020CB Brominated Wang resin 
01-64-0253CB Bromo-(4-methoxyphenyl)methyl polystyrene 
317500CB 5-Bromo-2-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-(4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)thiophene 
676485CB (Z)-5-Bromo-3-(4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-1H-indol-2-ylmethylene)-1,3-dihydroindol-2-one 
540210CB a-Bromo-4-(carboxymethoxy)acetophenone 
540200CB a-Bromo-4-hydroxyacetophenone 
540205CB a-Bromo-4-methoxyacetophenone 
01-62-0017CB Bromo-tris-pyrrolidino-phosphonium hexafluorophosphate 
01-64-0304CB Bromoacetamidomethyl NovaGel™ 
01-64-0233CB Bromoacetic acid 2-chlorotrityl resin 
371963CB N-[2-((p-Bromocinnamyl)amino)ethyl]-5-isoquinolinesulfonamide, 2HCl 
203765CB Bromoconduritol 
203850CB Bromocriptine Mesylate 
NA61CB Anti-Bromodeoxyuridine 
NA20CB Anti-Bromodeoxyuridine 
HCS24CB Bromodeoxyuridine Immunohistochemistry System 
HTS01CB Bromodeoyuridine 
QIA58CB Bromodeoyuridine 
01-64-0305CB Bromomethylphenylacetamidomethyl NovaGel™ 
234490CB 4-[(3-Bromophenyl)amino]-6,7-dimethoxyquinazoline 
233100CB N-[4-[(3-Bromophenyl)amino]-6-quinazolinyl]-2-butynamide 
571120CB Bruneomycin 
203665CB Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase Monoclonal Antibody 
203665CB Anti-Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase, Human (Mouse) 
203851CB BSOCOES, Water-Soluble 
203653CB BT A toxoid 
203658CB BT B toxoid 
407148CB Bt2(1,2,4,5)IP4/AM 
407150CB Bt2(1,3,4,5)IP4/AM 
407151CB Bt2(1,3,5,6)IP4/AM 
407152CB Bt2(1,4,5,6)IP4/AM 
407153CB Bt2(2,3,5,6)IP4/AM 
407154CB Bt2(3,4,5,6)IP4/AM 
407139CB Bt3(1,3,4)IP3/AM 
407141CB Bt3(1,3,5)IP3/AM 
407142CB Bt3(1,3,6)IP3/AM 
1202482CB BTEE 
203665CB Anti-BTK 
PC617CB Bub 1b, C-Terminal Polyclonal Antibody 
PC617CB Anti-Bub 1b, C-Terminal, Mouse (Sheep) 
PC618CB Bub 1b, Intermediate Domain (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC619CB Bub 1b, N-Terminal (Ab-3) Polyclonal Antibody 
203900CB Bufalin 
70923CB BugBuster™ (primary amine-free) Extraction Reagent 
70921CB BugBuster™ 10X Protein Extraction Reagent 
70794CB BugBuster™ GST•Bind™ Purification Kit 
70793CB BugBuster™ His•Bind Purification Kit 
70922CB BugBuster™ HT Protein Extraction Reagent 
70751CB BugBuster™ Ni-NTA His•Bind® Purification Kit 
70750CB BugBuster™ plus Benzonase® 
70584CB BugBuster™ Protein Extraction Reagent 
203960CB Bumetanide 
203987CB Butein 
364210CB N-t-Butoxycarbonyl-L-leucyl-L-tryptophan Methylamide 
203994CB N-(n-Butyl)deoxygalactonojirimycin 
203995CB N-tert-Butyl-a-phenylnitrone 
196975CB N-(4-tert-Butylbenzoyl)-2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde Hydrazone 
565766CB N-tert-Butyloxycarbonyl-Gly-Val-Valinal 
567430CB Butyric Acid, Na 
203988CB Butyrolactone I 
203989CB S-Butyrylthiocholine Iodide 
219399CB Bz-RGFF-4-MeObNA, HCl 

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