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Send us an inquiry via e-mail and include the part number!

We will provide cost, shipping requirements, potential hazard information and other information upon request!

Catalog Number Catalog Name
539638CB I-2 
401000CB I-309, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
401476CB I-kB Antisense Oligonucleotide, Fluorescein-Labeled, Sodium Salt 
401475CB I-kB Antisense Oligonucleotide, Sodium Salt 
401475CB I-kB AS 
401476CB I-kB AS, FAM 
4/12/5037CB i-But-Cys-OH 
4/13/5002CB i-But-D-Cys-OH 
317804CB i-Erythritol 
343002CB Anti-I-FLICE 
343006CB Anti-I-FLICE 
658417CB I-OMe-AG 538 
539620CB I2PP2A 
405200CB I3C 
405277CB IAA 
OP167CB Anti-IAP 
PC143CB Anti-IkBb (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC381CB Anti-IkBa (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC381CB IkBa (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC143CB IkBb (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC142CB IkBa (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
400001CB IkBa Polyclonal Antibody 
400002CB IkBa, Phospho-Specific Polyclonal Antibody 
4041CB IBA 
405279CB IBA, K 
401002CB Iberiotoxin, Buthus tamulus, Recombinant, E. coli 
410957CB IBMX 
401008CB Ibotenic Acid, Amanita sp. 
400090CB IC261 
204863CB iC3b, Human 
400100CB ICAD (2-21), N-Terminal Polyclonal Antibody 
400100CB Anti-ICAD (2-21), N-Terminal, Mouse (Rabbit) 
PC414CB Anti-ICAD (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
PC414CB ICAD (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
PC469CB Anti-ICAD(S) (Ab-2) (Rabbit) 
PC469CB ICAD(S) (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
CP53CB Anti-ICAM-1 (Ab-2) (Mouse) 
CP53CB ICAM-1 (Ab-2) Monoclonal Antibody 
217606CB Anti-ICAM-1, Domain 1, Biotin 
217607CB Anti-ICAM-1, Domain 1, FITC 
217608CB Anti-ICAM-1, Domain 1, R-PE 
217677CB Anti-ICAM-1, Domain 2 
217678CB Anti-ICAM-1, Domain 2, FITC 
217605CB Anti-ICAM-1, Domain 1 
217673CB Anti-ICAM-3 
217674CB Anti-ICAM-3, FITC 
218783CB ICE 
PC83CB Anti-ICE 
PC84CB Anti-ICE 
PC79CB Anti-ICE 
400011CB ICE Inhibitor I, Cell-permeable 
400015CB ICE Inhibitor IV 
400019CB ICE Inhibitor VI 
400017CB ICE Substrate V, Fluorogenic 
PC107CB Anti-ICE-2 
AM65CB Anti-ICE-3 
AM39CB Anti-ICE-3 
AM39TCB Anti-ICE-3 
AM20CB Anti-ICE-3 
AM20TCB Anti-ICE-3 
AM34CB Anti-ICE-3 
AM34TCB Anti-ICE-3 
PC334CB Anti-ICE-7 
PC422CB Anti-ICE-7 
PC422CB Anti-ICE-LAP3 
PC334CB Anti-ICE-LAP3 
218800CB ICE-LAP3 
PC335CB Anti-ICE-LAP5 
PC349CB Anti-ICE-LAP5 
PC475CB Anti-ICE-LAP6 
PC336CB Anti-ICE-LAP6 
218794CB Anti-ICE-LAP6 
218807CB ICE-LAP6 
PC365CB Anti-ICE6 
PC416CB Anti-ICE6 
PC445CB Anti-ICEB 
PC379CB Anti-ICEB 
PC109CB Anti-ICErel-II 
AM38CB Anti-ICErel-II 
218720CB ICErel-II, ICH-2, TX 
218781CB Anti-ICErel-III 
218725CB ICErel-III, TY 
218813CB ICH-1 
PC107CB Anti-ICH-1 
PC109CB Anti-ICH-2 
AM38CB Anti-ICH-2 
218781CB Anti-ICH-3 
PC445CB Anti-ICH-3 
PC379CB Anti-ICH-3 
401005CB ICRM-Serine Protease 1 Substrate, Fluorogenic 
400095CB IDRA 21 
263301CB Iduronic Acid-b-1,4-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine 
69103CB IE1 promoter primer 
368059CB Z-IETD-AFC 
218773CB IETD-CHO, Cell-permeable 
218759CB Z-IETD-FMK 
368057CB Ac-IETD-pNA 
GR38CB Anti-IGF- I Receptor (Ab-4) (Mouse) 
GR38CB IGF- I Receptor (Ab-4) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC195LCB Anti-IGF-A 
407240CB rhIGF-I 
GF21LCB Anti-IGF-I (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GF21LCB IGF-I (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC195LCB Anti-IGF-I (Ab-2) (Goat) 
PC195LCB IGF-I (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
GR11CB Anti-IGF-I Receptor (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GR11LCB Anti-IGF-I Receptor (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GR11TCB Anti-IGF-I Receptor (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GR11TCB IGF-I Receptor (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR11LCB IGF-I Receptor (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR11CB IGF-I Receptor (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
PC196LCB IGF-I Receptor (Ab-2) Polyclonal Antibody 
GR31LCB Anti-IGF-I Receptor (Ab-3) (Mouse) 
GR31LCB IGF-I Receptor (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR38CB Anti-IGF-R 
GR11CB Anti-IGF-R 
345751CB II3(Neu5Ac)2GgOse4 Ceramide, 2NH4 
345742CB II3(Neu5NAc)2GgOse4 Ceramide 
427335CB III3Fuc-nLcOse4 
427329CB III4Fuc-LcOse4 
400003CB IKKg (400-416) Polyclonal Antibody 
400003CB Anti-IKKg (400-416), Human (Rabbit) 
OP135TCB Anti-IKKg (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP133CB Anti-IKKa (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP133TCB Anti-IKKa (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP135CB Anti-IKKg (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
OP135CB IKKg (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP134CB IKKb (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP134TCB IKKb (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP133TCB IKKa (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP133CB IKKa (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
OP135TCB IKKg (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
400004CB IKKe/IKK-i (701-716) Polyclonal Antibody 
400004CB Anti-IKKe/IKK-i (701-716), Human (Rabbit) 
PP60CB IL-1 Beta Converting Protein 
PP59CB IL-1 Beta Converting Protein 
PP55CB IL-1 Beta Converting Protein 
PC80LCB Anti-IL-1b Converting Protein 
PC79CB Anti-IL-1b Converting Protein 
218783CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme 
400025CB IL-1b Converting enzyme (ICE) colorimetric substrate 
400010CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Inhibitor I 
400012CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Inhibitor II 
400022CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Inhibitor II, Biotinylated 
400024CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Inhibitor III, Biotinylated 
400016CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Substrate I 
400018CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Substrate II 
400020CB IL-1b Converting Enzyme (ICE) Substrate III 
PC82LCB Anti-IL-1b Converting Protein 
PC81LCB Anti-IL-1b Converting Protein 
PC84CB Anti-IL-1b Converting Protein 
PC83CB Anti-IL-1b Converting Protein 
400700CB IL-1b Inhibitor 
407670CB Anti-IL-6 
QIA68CB IL-8 Accucyte® EIA Kit, Human 
4160CB Ile 
401250CB Ilimaquinone 
400800CB Imetit, Dihydrobromide 
400800CB S-[2-(Imidazol-4-yl)ethyl]isothiourea, HBr 
4015CB Imidazole, ULTROL® Grade 
300265CB 2,2?-Iminodibenzoic Acid 
482100CB L-N6-(1-Iminoethyl)lysine, DiHCl 
400600CB L-N5-(1-Iminoethyl)ornithine, Dihydrochloride 
401840CB Imipramine, Hydrochloride 
400900CB IMMA 
121937CB Immobilized Anti-Mouse IgG 
402400CB Immunoblotting Kit, Anti-Mouse IgG, Alkaline Phosphatase 
402406CB Immunoblotting Kit, Anti-Mouse IgG, Peroxidase 
402402CB Immunoblotting Kit, Anti-Rabbit IgG, Alkaline Phosphatase 
402408CB Immunoblotting Kit, Anti-Rabbit IgG, Peroxidase 
WB04CB Immunoblotting System, Mouse IgG, Chemiluminescent 
WB06CB Immunoblotting System, Rabbit IgG, Chemiluminescent 
WB03CB Immunoblotting System, Rabbit IgG-Colorimetric 
368670CB Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Binding Protein (BiP) 
400995CB Immunomagnetic Beads 
182800CB Immunomycin 
402173CB ImmunoPen™ 
402070CB Imperatoxin A, Pandinus imperator 
402072CB Imperialine, 3-b-Bromo- 
402074CB Imperialine, 3-a-Chloro- 
402071CB Imperialine, Petilium eduardi 
672165CB Inactivated tcuPA 
402080CB Indanocine 
402085CB Indirubin-3?-monoxime 
402086CB Indirubin-3?-monoxime, 5-Iodo- 
402088CB Indirubin-3?-monoxime-5-sulphonic Acid 
402095CB INDO 1, Pentasodium Salt 
402096CB INDO 1/AM 
402097CB INDO 1FF, Pentapotassium Salt 
402098CB INDO 1FF/AM 
405277CB Indole-3-acetic Acid 
4041CB Indole-3-butyric Acid 
405279CB Indole-3-butyric Acid, Potassium Salt 
405200CB Indole-3-carbinol 
405200CB Indole-3-methanol 
574775CB 8ab-Indolizidine-1a,2a,8b-triol 
405279CB 4-(3-Indolyl)butyric Acid 
4041CB 4-(3-Indolyl)butyric Acid 
613225CB N-(3-Indolylmethylene)-isonicotinic Hydrazone 
405268CB Indomethacin 
405270CB Indomethacin Amide, N-Octyl- 
405271CB Indomethacin Ester, 4-Methoxyphenyl- 
405269CB Indomethacin Ester, n-Heptyl- 
400900CB Indomethacin Morpholinylamide 
405280CB Indoxyl-b-D-galactopyranoside 
405285CB Indoxyl-b-D-glucopyranoside 
405290CB Indoxyl-b-D-glucuronic Acid, Cyclohexylammonium Salt 
405295CB Indoxyl-3-phosphate, Disodium Salt 
405300CB Indoxyl-3-phosphate, p-Toluidine Salt 
CP55CB Anti-Inducible Cell Adhesion Molecule 
482729CB Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase (1131-1144) Blocking Peptide, Mouse Macrophage 
C-S-065CB Influenza B NP 85-94 A2, KLGEFYNQMM 
C-S-042CB Influenza NP 
C-S-059CB Influenza NP 265-273, ILRGSVAHK 
C-S-066CB Influenza PB 1 591-599 A1, VSDGGPNLY 
405615CB Ingenol 
407850CB INH2BP 
574660CB Anti-Inhibitor of Apoptosis 
400100CB Anti-Inhibitor of CAD 
PC469CB Anti-Inhibitor of CAD 
PC414CB Anti-Inhibitor of CAD 
PC401CB Inhibitor of FLICE 
539638CB Inhibitor-2 
539642CB Anti-Inhibitor-2 
405822CB Inorganic Pyrophosphatase, Thermus thermophilus 
482728CB Anti-iNOS 
482729CB iNOS blocking peptide 
482760CB iNOS Inhibitor Set 
482723CB iNOS, Mouse Macrophage 
482777CB iNOS, Mouse, Recombinant 
4060CB Inosine 
407125CB D-myo-Inositol 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexakisphosphate, Dodecasodium Salt, Zea mays 
407148CB D-myo-Inositol 1,2,4,5-Tetrakisphosphate, Octakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 3,6-Di-O-butyryl-, 
407124CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,4,5-Tetrakisphosphate, Octaammonium Salt 
407126CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,4,5-Tetrakisphosphate, Octapotassium Salt 
407131CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,4,6-Tetrakisphosphate, Octaammonium Salt 
407122CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,4-Trisphosphate, Hexapotassium Salt 
407151CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,5,6-Tetrakisphosphate, Octakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 2,4-Di-O-butyryl-, 
407141CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,5-Trisphosphate Hexakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 2,4,6-Tri-O-butyryl-, 
407142CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,6-Trisphosphate Hexakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 2,4,5-Tri-O-butyryl-, 
407152CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5,6-Tetrakisphosphate, Octakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 2,3-Di-O-butyryl-, 
407134CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, 2,3,6-Trideoxy-, Hexasodium Salt 
407132CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, 3-Deoxy-, Hexasodium Salt 
407129CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, 3-Deoxy-3-fluoro-, Hexasodium Salt 
407138CB L-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, Hexapotassium Salt 
407137CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, Hexasodium Salt 
407135CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, P4(5)-1-(2-Nitrophenyl)ethyl Ester, 3Na 
407123CB D-myo-Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate, Trilithium Salt 
407130CB D-myo-Inositol 1,5,6-Trisphosphate, Hexaammonium Salt 
407153CB D-myo-Inositol 2,3,5,6-Tetrakisphosphate Octakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 1,4-Di-O-butyryl-, 
407119CB D-myo-Inositol 2,4,5-Trisphosphate, Hexaammonium Salt 
407116CB D-myo-Inositol 2,4-Bisphosphate, Tetraammonium Salt 
407154CB D-myo-Inositol 3,4,5,6-Tetrakisphosphate Octakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 1,2-Di-O-butyryl-, 
407118CB D-myo-Inositol 3,4-Bisphosphate, Tetraammonium Salt 
407265CB Inositol Hexakisphosphate Kinase Polyclonal Antibody 
4071CB i-Inositol 
4071CB meso-Inositol 
407128CB D-myo-Inositol, 3-Deoxy-3-fluoro- 
407139CB D-myo-Inositol 1,3,4-Trisphosphate Hexakisacetoxymethyl Ester, 2,5,6-Tri-O-butyryl-, 
407128CB 3-F-Ins 
407125CB D-Ins(1,2,3,4,5,6)P6, 12Na 
407122CB Ins(1,3,4)P3, 6K 
407126CB D-Ins(1,3,4,5)P4, 8K 
407124CB Ins(1,3,4,5)P4, ammonium 
407131CB D-Ins(1,3,4,6)P4, 8NH4 
407123CB D-Ins(1,4,5)P3, 3Li 
407138CB L-Ins(1,4,5)P3, 6K 
407137CB D-Ins(1,4,5)P3, 6Na 
407129CB 3-F-Ins(1,4,5)P3, 6Na 
407130CB D-Ins(1,5,6)P3, 6NH4 
407116CB Ins(2,4)P2, 4NH4 
407119CB D-Ins(2,4,5)P3, 6NH4 
407118CB D-Ins(3,4)P2, 4NH4 
539738CB InsR (1142-1153) 
407214CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic HeLa Cells, Camptothecin-Treated 
407215CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic HeLa Cells, Etoposide-Treated 
407216CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic HeLa Cells, Staurosporine-Treated 
407217CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic HL-60 Cells, Camptothecin-Treated 
407218CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic HL-60 Cells, Etoposide-Treated 
407219CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic HL-60 Cells, Staurosporine-Treated 
407222CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, Anti-Fas-Treated 
407220CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, Camptothecin-Treated 
407221CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, Etoposide-Treated 
407223CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, Interleukin-1-Stimulated 
407224CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, Staurosporine-Treated 
407225CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, Tumor Necrosis Factor-a-Stimulated 
407226CB INSTA-Blot™, Apoptotic Jurkat Cells, UV-Stimulated 
407210CB INSTA-Blot™, Human Cell Lines 
407211CB INSTA-Blot™, Human Tissues 
407212CB INSTA-Blot™, Mouse Tissues 
407213CB INSTA-Blot™, Rat Tissues 
GF44CB Anti-Insulin (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GF44CB Insulin (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR36CB Anti-Insulin Receptor (b-Subunit) (Ab-4) (Mouse) 
GR36CB Insulin Receptor (b-Subunit) (Ab-4) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR05CB Anti-Insulin Receptor (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GR05LCB Anti-Insulin Receptor (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
GR05CB Insulin Receptor (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR05LCB Insulin Receptor (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR07CB Anti-Insulin Receptor (Ab-3) (Mouse) 
GR07TCB Anti-Insulin Receptor (Ab-3) (Mouse) 
GR07CB Insulin Receptor (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR07TCB Insulin Receptor (Ab-3) Monoclonal Antibody 
GR45CB Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
40769CB Insulin, Zinc, Bovine 
407693CB Insulin, Zinc, Porcine 
PC195LCB Anti-Insulin-Like Growth Factor 
GF21LCB Anti-Insulin-Like Growth Factor 
407243CB Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1, Human Amniotic Fluid 
GR11CB Anti-Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor 
GR11TCB Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor 
GR11LCB Anti-Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor 
GR38CB Anti-Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor 
GR31LCB Anti-Insulin-Like Growth Factor Receptor 
407246CB Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Receptor, a-Subunit Monoclonal Antibody 
PF015CB Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I, Human, Recombinant 
407240CB Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407245CB Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407772CB INT 
CP26CB Anti-Integrin b1 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
CP26CB Integrin b1 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
CP10LCB Anti-Integrin a2 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
CP10LCB Integrin a2 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
407277CB Integrin a2 Monoclonal Antibody 
407283CB Integrin b2 Monoclonal Antibody 
407277CB Anti-Integrin a2, Human (Mouse ) 
407283CB Anti-Integrin b2, Human (Mouse ) 
407285CB Integrin a2I Domain Peptide 
CP11LCB Anti-Integrin a3 (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
CP11LCB Integrin a3 (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
407278CB Integrin a3 Monoclonal Antibody 
407278CB Anti-Integrin a3, Human (Mouse ) 
407280CB Integrin a5 Monoclonal Antibody 
407280CB Anti-Integrin a5, Human (Mouse ) 
CP12LCB Anti-Integrin a5/FnR (Ab-1) (Mouse) 
CP12LCB Integrin a5/FnR (Ab-1) Monoclonal Antibody 
407282CB Integrin aV Monoclonal Antibody 
CP53CB Anti-Inter-Cellular Adhesion Molecule 
407350CB g-Interferon Inducible Protein 10, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
412000CB Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase Polyclonal Antibody 
412000CB Anti-Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase, Human (Rabbit) 
PC489CB Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase-2 (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
407160CB Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase-M (581-596) Polyclonal Antibody 
407611CB Interleukin-1a, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407615CB Interleukin-1b, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407613CB Interleukin-1a, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407617CB Interleukin-1b, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407700CB Interleukin-10, Human, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407703CB Interleukin-10, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407705CB Interleukin-11, Human, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407711CB Interleukin-12, Human, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407713CB Interleukin-12, Mouse, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407715CB Interleukin-13, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407717CB Interleukin-13, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407720CB Interleukin-15, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407623CB Interleukin-2, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407627CB Interleukin-2, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407629CB Interleukin-3, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407631CB Interleukin-3, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407635CB Interleukin-4, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407637CB Interleukin-4, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407641CB Interleukin-5, Human, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407647CB Interleukin-5, Mouse, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407670CB Interleukin-6 Polyclonal Antibody 
407653CB Interleukin-6 Receptor, Soluble, Human, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
407670CB Anti-Interleukin-6, Human Recombinant (Rabbit) 
407652CB Interleukin-6, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407654CB Interleukin-6, Mouse, Recombinant, E. coli 
407658CB Interleukin-7, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
QIA68CB Interleukin-8, EIA Kit 
407673CB Interleukin-8, Human, Recombinant, E. coli 
407681CB Interleukin-9, Human, Recombinant, Spodoptera frugiperda 
444209CB Anti-Interstitial Collagenase 
444269CB Interstitital collagenase 
PF067CB Intestinal Collagenase 
70863CB Introductory EcoPro™ System 
70888CB Introductory EcoPro™ T7 System 
70244CB Introductory M13mp18 Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70854CB Introductory Mobius™ 1000 Plasmid Kit 
70597CB Introductory pETBlue-1 AccepTor™ Vector Kit 
70633CB Introductory pETBlue-1 Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70635CB Introductory pETBlue-2 Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70983CB Introductory Positive FORCE™ Cloning System 1 
70594CB Introductory pSTBlue-1 AccepTor™ Vector Kit 
70184CB Introductory pSTBlue-1 Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70183CB Introductory pT7Blue Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70185CB Introductory pT7Blue-2 Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70075CB Introductory pT7Blue-3 Perfectly Blunt® Cloning Kit 
70958CB Introductory SpinPrep Gel DNA Kit 
70975CB Introductory SpinPrep™ PCR Clean-up Kit 
70957CB Introductory SpinPrep™ Plasmid Kit 
70206CB Introductory STP3™, SP6 
70205CB Introductory STP3™, T7 
70752CB Introductory Straight A's mRNA Isolation System 
70907CB Introductory UltraMobius™ 1000 Plasmid Kit 
407718CB Inulin, Chicory Root 
559296CB Invertase 
407719CB Iodoacetic Acid, Sodium Salt 
407952CB Ionomycin, Calcium Salt, Streptomyces conglobatus 
407950CB Ionomycin, Free Acid, Streptomyces conglobatus 
405295CB IP, 2Na 
NR09CB Anti-IP3 Receptor (Ab-1) (Rabbit) 
NR09CB IP3 Receptor (Ab-1) Polyclonal Antibody 
407140CB Anti-IP3 Receptor (Mouse) 
407143CB Anti-IP3 Receptor (Rabbit) 
407140CB IP3 Receptor Monoclonal Antibody 
407143CB IP3 Receptor Polyclonal Antibody 
407144CB Anti-IP3 Receptor, Type 1 (Rabbit) 
407144CB IP3 Receptor, Type 1 Polyclonal Antibody 
407158CB IP3 Receptor, Type 2 (317-334) Polyclonal Antibody 
407158CB Anti-IP3 Receptor, Type 2 (317-334), Rat (Rabbit) 
407159CB IP3 Receptor, Type 3 (2656-2670) Polyclonal Antibody 
407159CB Anti-IP3 Receptor, Type 3 (2656-2670), Rat (Rabbit) 
419700CB Ipase-T 
525162CB Anti-iPLA2 
70527CB 100 mM IPTG Solution 
70527CB IPTG Solution, 100 mM 
420325CB IPTG, Dioxane-Free 
420322CB IPTG, Dioxane-Free, High Purity 
420290CB IPTG, Hemidioxane Adduct 
420299CB IPTG, Hemidioxane Adduct, High Purity 
01-63-0101CB IPy2BF4 
401250CB IQ 
412000CB Anti-IRAK 
PC489CB Anti-IRAK2 
407160CB Anti-IRAK-M 
5/23/3883CB IRL-1038 
5/23/3832CB IRL-1620 
420295CB IRTK Activator 
420296CB IRTK Activator, Negative Control 
5/23/2540CB Islet Amyloid Polypeptide 
516562CB Islet-activating Protein 
516560CB Islet-activating Protein 
516561CB Islet-activating Protein 
371956CB Iso-H-7, Dihydrochloride 
495622CB Iso-Olomoucine 
234141CB Isoamylphosphonyl-GPA, 2K 
444225CB N-Isobutyl-N-(4-methoxyphenylsulfonyl)-glycylhydroxamic Acid 
4/13/5002CB Isobutyryl-D-cysteine 
4/12/5037CB Isobutyryl-L-cysteine 
416150CB Isodesmosine 
554750CB Isodulcit 
4160CB L-Isoleucine 
419541CB Isomaltose 
419700CB Isopeptidase T, Rabbit 
524382CB Isophorbol 
420290CB Isopropyl-b-D-thiogalactopyranoside 
420299CB Isopropyl-b-D-thiogalactopyranoside 
420322CB Isopropyl-b-D-thiogalactopyranoside 
420325CB Isopropyl-b-D-thiogalactopyranoside 
420355CB Isoproterenol, Hydrochloride 
371970CB (5-Isoquinolinesulfonyl)homopiperazine, 2HCl 
419650CB Isotetrandrine 
574215CB 1-Isothiocyanato-4-(methylsulfinyl)butane 
324505CB 1-(4-Isothiocyanobenzyl)ethylenediamine-N,N,N?,N?-tetraacetic Acid 
516482CB Isovaleryl-Val-Val-4-amino-3-hydroxy-6-methylheptanoyl-Ala-4-amino-3-hydroxy-6-methylheptanoic Acid 
476300CB ISP-1 
407900CB ITU 
427305CB IV2Fuc, III4Fuc-LcOse4 
427323CB IV2Fuc-LcOse4 
345754CB IV3(Neu5Ac)2II3(Neu5Ac)2-GgOse4, 4NH4 
419920CB Ivermectin 
407800CB IW 

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