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KIMAX® Class A, Serialized and Certified, Straight Bore PTFE Stopcock, with Dust Cap ~ Precision bore burets are permanently marked with an individual serial number and include a 2mm stopcock plug. Scale is a durable white ceramic enamel. Burets are designed from ASTM Specification E287, Class A requirements. Delivery stem of buret 89001-618 is 115mm long and meets ASTM D664 potentiometric titration buret requirements.
Capacity, mL Graduations, mL Length, mm Tolerance, ±mL Cap Size Kimble Chase No. Unit Price USD
10 0.05 664 0.02 13 17027F 10 Case $207.93
25 0.1 614 0.03 13 17027F 25 Case $221.63
50 0.1 745 0.05 16 17027F 50 Case $229.05
100 0.2 791 0.1 20 17027F 100 Case $254.31

KIMAX® Educational Grade, Straight Bore, Glass Stopcock Buret ~ Burets Educational Grade Straight Bore Glass Stopcock. Capacity (mL); 50. Subdivision (mL); 0.10. Approx. Length (mm); 738. KIM-KAP Size (mm); 16 This buret is ideal for use in educational institutions and for many general laboratory procedures. Stopcock for all sizes is [standard taper] 2.
Kimble No. Capacity (mL) Subdivision (mL) Approximate Length (mm) KIM-KAP Size (mm) Case Quantity Case Price USD
17030K-50 50 0.10 738 16 12 $575.46