Below is a listing of the in-line filters that we are able to provide you. If you find the filter that meets your needs, let us know and we will send you the exact manufacturing specifications of its construction, variable pore sizes and volume capacities available, and price per individual unit or case. In addition, all items may be identified by the manufacturers item number, if available. Our capsule filters may also be suitable for your application. CLICK HERE to see our capsule filters if what you need cannot be found below.

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In-Line Polycarbonate Filter Holder ~ PALL
Manufactured for in-line liquid or gas filtration. Constructed of polycarbonate, resulting in a clear, transparent body for ease of visual checks. 9.6cm² effective filtration area. Polysulfone support screen. Utilizes a 47mm disc filter. Maximum operating pressure: 3.5 bar. Autoclavable. inlet / Outlet connection connection: ¼" - 18 NPT.
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Description Pall No. item No Unit Price USD
In-Line Filter Holder 1119 28144-257 Each $104.42
Replacement Parts      
Stainless Steel Support Screen 4235 28144-908 Each $107.32
Polyphenylsulfone Support Screen 87264 28144-636 Each $6.80

In-Line Stainless Steel Filter Holder ~ PALL
Body and support screen are constructed of Type 316 stainless steel. Captive thrust ring and Viton® O-Ring are constructed of PTFE. Hose adapters are made of polyethylene. Aluminum center ring collar. Leak proof sealing. Utilizes a 47mm diameter membrane or glass filter. Hose barbs accept 6.4 mm inside diameter tubing. Maximum operating pressure: 200 psi. Maximum operating temperature allowed by the O-ring: 204°C; allowed by the PTFE thrust ring: 288°C; allowed by the polyethylene hose barbs: 93°C. This unit is autoclavable. The threaded connection size is 3/8" - 18 NPTF. The hose barb connectors accept 6.4mm (1/4") inside diameter tubing. Overall dimensions of this unit is 59mm diameter x 57mm length.
{short description of image} View Image Item No: 28144-506
Price Each: $598.40 USD

Delrin In-Line Filter Holder ~ PALL
Delrin plastic construction with Type 316 stainless steel support screen. Viton® O-Ring and nylon hose adapter. Autoclavable. Accepts a 25 mm diameter membrane or fiber filter. Reccommended prefilter size when used alone is 25mm, 20mm when used on top of a membrane filter. Hose barbs accept a 6.4 mm inside diameter tubing. Maximum operating pressure is 40 psi in liquid; 20 psi in air. Maximum temperature in air is 85 °C continuous, 65 °C in water.
{short description of image} View Image Item No: 28144-255
Price per 6 Pack: $172.27 USD

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