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lyophilization stoppers

Round Bottom (Straight Side) and 2-Leg (Slotted) Lyophilization Stopper. Available in 13mm and 20mm diameters.
USP Butyl Rubber Stoppers - Tests are performed according to ISO 8362-2
Packaged in convenient 100 piece bags (case of 1000 equals 10 x 100 piece packs)
serum vial stopper lyophilization stopper
13mm and 20mm Lyophilization Stoppers ( 2 leg stopper )
 73828A-2L 20mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Leg Case of 1000 $130.00
    Pk 100 $15.00
73828A-2L-13 13mm Lyophilization Stoppers 2-Leg Pk 100 $12.00
  Discounts of up to 50% are available for bulk orders: Click Here
serum vial stoppers serum vial stoppers
13mm and 20mm Serum Vial Round Bottom Stopper
73828A-RB 20mm Round Bottom Vial Stoppers Case of 1000 $120.00
  (Dry) Pk 100 $15.00
 73828A-RB-Si  20mm Round Bottom Silicone Treated Case of 1000 $130.00
  Vial Stoppers Pk 100 15.00
224100-093-Si 13mm Round Bottom Silicone Treated Case of 1000 $85.00
  Vial Stoppers Pk 100 $15.00

13mm lyophilization stoppers and 20mm lyophilization stoppers are shipped worldwide by Voigt Global Distribution Inc. For a 20mm lyophilization stoppers analytical specification results, Click Here.

20mm Lyophilization.Stoppers and.13mm Lyophilization Stoppers shipped.worldwide at discounted prices..We also offer all complementary products for serum vial packaging, including flip off seals, vial.crimpers and serum vials in clear and amber USP glass.Order all components from Voigt Global Distribution Inc and receive even greater discounts! Discounts on lyophilization.stoppers for resellers, compounding pharmacies and all export orders!