Nalgene MF75 Filter Unit Receivers

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These NALGENE MF75 receivers feature an ergonomic design with tapered sides and grips for ease of handling. NALGENE MF75 receivers have a 45mm diameter closure and are designed for use with NALGENE MF75 series bottle-top filters and filter units. A 11/2-turn threaded screw closure guarantees a leakproof seal in these NALGENE MF75 and reduces pH shift in receivers. NALGENE MF75 have an integral no-drip lip facilitates pouring. NALGENE MF75 have an easy-to-read graduations on two sides. The NALGENE MF75 receivers have at least 20% extra head space for the addition of serum or other additives to the filtrate. NALGENE MF75 are noncytotoxic, nonpyrogenic and are radiation sterilized.  

Nalgene MF75 Filter Unit Receivers


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Capacity, mL NNI No. Unit
150 455-0150 Case of 24
250 455-0250 Case of 24
500 455-0500 Case of 12
1000 455-1000 Case of 12

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