Ingredients for Cosmetic, Food & Nutraceutical Manufacturing

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Acacia Gum ~ thru ~ Azelaic acid_ Acacia Gum ~ thru ~ Azelaic Acid
Banana flavor thru butylparaben_ Banana Flavor_~ thru ~ Butylparaben
Cabreuva oil thru L cystine crystal_ Cabreuva Oil_~ thru ~ L-Cystine Crystal
D&C colors thru eyebright herb extract 4:1_ D&C Green #5 _~ thru ~_Eyebright Herb Extract 4:1
FD&C colors thru ginsennosides ginsenosides_ FD&C Black _~ thru ~_Ginsennosides
Glucomannan thry 5 hydroxy L tryptophan 5HTP_ Glucomannan _~ thru ~_5-Hydroxy-L-Tryptophan
Inositol thru L Menthol_ Inositol_~ thru ~ L-Menthol
L Methionine thru peanut oil_ L-Methionine_~ thru ~_Peanut Oil
Pectin thru pyridoxine alpha ketoglutarate_ Pectin_~ thru ~_Pyridoxine-a-ketoglutarate
Quercetin dihydrate thru sodium alginate_Quercetin Dihydrate_~ thru ~_Sodium Alginate
sodium aluminosilicate thru sodium tripolyphosphate_ Sodium Aluminosilicate_~ thru ~_Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Sorbic acid powder thru yellow bees wax_ Sorbic Acid Powder_~ thru ~_Wax (Yellow Bees - Cake)
Wheat bran thru zinc sulfate_ Wheat Bran, Red_~ thru ~ Zinc Sulfate
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