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Pall 96 Well AcroPrep Filter Plates

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Pall Acroprep Filter PlatesPall Acroprep Filter Plates

Pall AcroPrep 1mL 96-Well Filter Plates, Pall Filters

Pall AcroPrep 1mL 96-Well Filter Plates are constructed of chemically resistant, biologically inert polypropylene, Pall AcroPrep plates are optimized for a variety of applications requiring larger per well volume processing. Pall AcroPrep plates feature extended flow directors to eliminate splattering and crosstalk of filtrate, a serialized bar code label for use in automated tracking systems, robotics-friendly design, standard SBS format, and individually sealed wells to eliminate crosstalk. Pall AcroPrep plates are available in a variety of membranes and membrane configurations to meet various application needs. Choose from Pall AcroPrep plates GHP (hydrophilic polypropylene), Pall AcroPrep plates glass fiber (borosilicate glass without binder), Pall AcroPrep plates glass fiber over Bio-Inert modified low protein-binding nylon, Pall AcroPrep plates hydrophobic PTFE, Pall AcroPrep plates Supor polyethersulfone, or Pall AcroPrep plates with Omega polyethersulfone (PES) membranes.

Membrane Material Pore Size Pall Filter No. Unit
GHP 0.2 m Pall 5052 Pack of 5
GHP 0.45 m Pall 5054 Pack of 5
Glass Fiber 1.0 m Pall 5051 Pack of 5
Glass Fiber/Bio-Inert Nylon 3.0 m/ 0.2 m Pall 5053 Pack of 5
PTFE 0.2 m Pall 5055 Pack of 5
PTFE 0.45 m Pall 5056 Pack of 5
Supor PES 1.2 m Pall 5065 Pack of 5
Omega PES 3 kD Pall 5066 Pack of 5

AcroPrep and Supor are a registered trademark owned by Pall Corporation. All rights reserved.  CURRENT PRICING AND ONLINE ORDERING: CLICK HERE

AcroPrep 384-Well Filter Plates, Pall Filters

Pall AcroPrep 384-Well Filter Plates are constructed of a chemically resistant, biologically inert polypropylene, these filter plates feature 1.0m glass fiber (borosilicate glass without binder) membranes for a variety of high throughput applications. Pall AcroPrep plate membrane are individually sealed in each well to eliminate crosstalk in molecular biology and analytical applications. The unique Pall AcroPrep plate well geometry transitions from square to round eliminating sample hold-up in the corners of the wells. Pall AcroPrep Plates come standard with a serialized bar code and clearly marked membrane type and pore size for convenience and efficiency in automated applications. Choose either a short or long outlet tip for Pall Acroprep Plates to direct the flow of the filtrate and eliminate cross contamination. Pall AcroPrep plates conform to SBS standards.  CURRENT PRICING AND ONLINE ORDERING: CLICK HERE

Membrane Material Pore Size um Outlet Tip Style Pall Filter No. Unit
Glass Fiber 1 Short Pall 5073W Pack of 10
Glass Fiber 1 Long Pall 5072W Pack of 10
Clear Plate Lids   Pall 5231 Pack of 10
Cap Mat for Incubation   Pall 5230 Pack of 5
Collar Adapter for Centrifugation   Pall 5225 Pack of 2

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