1. Purchaser acknowledges that all chemicals, food & drug additives & ingredients, vials & associated packaging, laboratory equipment & all other items offered by Voigt Global Distribution shall not be used for any illicit or illegal purpose.
2. Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Voigt Global Distribution and its subsidiaries, hereinafter referred to as "The Company", from and against any and all loss or liability arising in connection with the purchase of any product or material purchased from The Company, except to the extent that indemnification is not allowable by law. Furthermore, Purchaser agrees to indemnify & hold harmless The Company's suppliers, agents and employees acting on behalf and in furtherance of The Company.
3. Neither party (The Company or the Purchaser), its employees or permitted subcontractors or agents shall, under any circumstances, be considered to be an agent, partner, joint venturer or representative of the other party.
4. Purchaser agrees that Purchaser is of legal age and has the binding legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the business or professional organization of which the Purchaser is representing in this agreement.
5. Purchaser agrees to use said product within its prescribed and generally accepted industry use.
6. Purchaser agrees to adopt and follow all necessary safety precautions for handling, use, storage and transport of products ordered from The Company.
7. Purchaser agrees to abide by all local, state, and federal government regulations.
8. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that The Company makes no warranty, explicit or implied, in the selection, instruction or use of any product supplied by The Company. Further, Purchaser agrees that products ordered by Purchaser cannot be returned to The Company and that no refund is given by The Company.
9. Failure by The Company to enforce any term or condition of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of rights of The Company.
10. The Company and Purchaser agree that this agreement shall serve as the complete and final expression between the parties, and cannot be modified except in writing.
11. Purchaser agrees that Purchaser's acceptance of goods pursuant hereto shall be deemed Purchaser's conclusive acceptance and consent to all terms of sale.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the terms of sale as stated. I further acknowledge that I have entered into this agreement voluntarily and that I have the binding legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the business or professional organization of which I am representing in this agreement.
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