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Whatman Sharkskin Filter Paper

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Whatman Filter Papers

Whatman Sharkskin General-Purpose Filter Paper, Whatman Filters     

A creped wood pulp paper. This thin, hardened, high wet-strength paper is resistant to weak acids and alkalis; recommended for general and high-volume process filtration. Download Whatman Sharkskin General-Purpose Filter Paper pricing: Click Here   

Whatman Sharkskin General-Purpose Filter Paper
Porosity: Medium
Flow Rate: Medium
Particle Retention: 812 m
Diameter, cm Whatman Filter No. Unit
9 Whatman 10347509 Pack of 100
11 Whatman 10347510 Pack of 100
12.5 Whatman 10347511 Pack of 100
15 Whatman 10347513 Pack of 100
18.5 Whatman 10347512 Pack of 100
24 Whatman 10347519 Pack of 100
27 Whatman 10347521 Pack of 100
29 Whatman 10347577 Pack of 100
32 Whatman 10347530 Pack of 100
34 Whatman 10347522 Pack of 100
38.5 Whatman 10347523 Pack of 100
50 Whatman 10347525 Pack of 100


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