Laboratory Equipment and Glassware

Order analytical standards, Conductivity Testing, Homogenizers, Corks, Hot Plates / Stirrers,Autoclaves, Cylinders, Hybridization, Pipettors, Autoradiography, Dessicators, Hydrometers, Pipet Tips, Balances, Dissecting Equipment, Immunochemicals, Pumps, Balance Weights, Immunology, Racks, Baths Circulators, Electrophoresis Equipment ,Incubators, Refrigeration Units, Evaporators, Jars,Blotting, Extraction Equipment, Microbiological Media, Shakers, Fermenters, Microscopes & Supplies, Spectrophotometers, Burets, Filters, Molecular Biology Supplies, turbidity Standards, Flasks Nitrogen Determination, Stirrers, Centrifuges, Fume Hoods, Ovens, Stirring Bars,Funnels, Oxygen Analyzers, Stoppers, Chemistry glassware Kits, Furnaces, Petri Dishes, Tissue Culture, Chromatography, pH Ion Meters, Titrators, Clamps, Gloves, Tubing, Heat Blocks, pH Buffers, Ultrasonic Cleaners and Ultraviolet Lighting.

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.We offer laboratory glassware, instruments and equipment for the food, cosmetic, research and educational institutions and industries worldwide

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Ampules and Accessories Ampules and Accessories Histology Stains & Allied Supplies
Balances Baths - Circulating Incubators Incubators: CO2 / Carbon Dioxide
Balances Baths - Hot Water Ion specific test strips Ion Specific Testing Strips
Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes Blood Collection Tubes Magnetic Stirrer, Hot Plate and Accessories Magnetic Stirrer, Hot Plate and Accessories
Burets Burets Microbiological Supplies Equipment and media Microbiological Supplies
Centrifuges Centrifuges Pipets and Pipet Pumps Pipets and Pipet Pumps
Chemistry Glassware - Complete Kits Chemistry Glassware - Complete Kits Scales  Electronic and Manual Scales: Electronic and Manual
Chromatography Equipment & Supplies Chromatography & Electrophoresis Stoppers Stoppers
Dishes Petri Dishes: Petri Syringes Syringes
Distilling Columns and Accessories Distilling Columns and Accessories Tubes ~  Glass Connecting and Joint Adapters Tubes: Glass Connecting and Joint Adapters
Filters Filters Thermometers Mercury and Digital Thermometers: Mercury and Digital
Flasks Flasks Thermometers Infrared Thermometers: Infrared
Funnels Separatory Funnels: Separatory Vials and Related Accessories Vials Serum Vial Seals Vial Crimpers Vial Caps

Order all your analytical instruments and equipment for manufacturing cosmetics chemical pharmaceutical educational and investigational applications here!If you do not see the particular item you need, PLEASE ASKOrder all your analytical instruments and equipment for manufacturing cosmetics chemical pharmaceutical educational and investigational applications here!

A complete listing of the equipment we have to offer is as follows:

Animal Equipment Conductivity Testing Homogenizers Photodocumentation
Apparel Corks Hot Plates / Stirrers Physics Kits
Autoclaves Cylinders Hybridization Pipettors
Autoradiography Dessicators Hydrometers Pipet Tips
Balances Dissecting Equipment Immunochemicals Pumps
Balance Weights Educational Kits Immunology Racks
Baths/Circulators Electrophoresis Equipment Incubators Refrigeration Units
Biology Kits Evaporators Jars Safety Equipment
Blotting Extraction Equipment Microbiological Media Shakers
Bottles Fermenters Microscopes & Supplies Spectrophotometers
Burets Filters Molecular Biology Supplies Standards
Burners Flasks Nitrogen Determination Stirrers
Centrifuges Fume Hoods Ovens Stirring Bars
Chairs/Stools Funnels Oxygen Analyzers Stoppers
Chemistry Kits Furnaces Petri Dishes Tissue Culture
Chromatography Furniture pH/Ion Meters Titrators
Clamps Gloves pH/Ion Electrodes Tubing
Cleaning Supplies Heat Blocks pH Buffers Ultrasonic Cleaners
      Ultraviolet Lighting